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Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance - an introduction

In this day and age many industries face difficult challenges and those companies associated...
Presentation/ Interview Skills

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Overcome Nerves, Present with Confidence

How a practice-based coaching session can help overcome the barriers to a perfect...
Job Applications

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Corporate Interview Etiquette

Having spent many years interviewing candidates for corporate roles, there’s one thing that I...
Creativity Coaching

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"Reinventing Education" Whilst Fixing My Car

"Reinventing Education: A 'Thought Experiment' by 21 authors" is an interesting book in which...

Fresh Articles

  • Making An Impression With Public Speaking

    Bethan J Public Speaking Tutor (South West London) Picture First impressions count - it's a fact, and one never more true than in the digital age we live in. Whether you're walking out onto a stage to deliver a speech to 5000 people, delivering a presentation virtually, or walking into a room with an audience of one, the way you present yourself (often...
  • Getting started with web programming

    Spodnet Ltd Computer Programming (general) Tutor (Stevenage) Picture If you want to get into web programming, I suggest start with HTML first, then progress onto PHP and/or JavaScript. There's lots of information out there, google is your friend or look for some books on amazon.If you want to have a "play" with something try wordpress as that should give you your...
  • Careers In Accountancy - So Many Options

    Jenna King Accounting Tutor (Dorchester) Picture A career in accounting means you will have the opportunity to work within almost any industry imaginable. Salaries vary according to level of education, certification and specialisations, but in general, accountants are well paid. With the field experiencing rapid growth, now is an excellent...
  • Shape Your Habits, Because Your Habits Shape You Editor's Pick

    Adam Lipot Life Coaching Professional (West London) Picture As the baker is taking out the bread from the oven, he observes something unusual. One of the loaves has a dent. At that very moment the baker knows that there is a problem. After he has checked all his baking pans, his suspicion is proved true. One of the pans has a dent as well. We are...
  • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

    Will Buckley MS Office Tutor (North West London) Picture In your head, do the following calculation: 1 + 2 x 3 = … Did you get 9? Or did you get another number? Try the same calculation in your favourite spreadsheet, such as, Microsoft Excel. Enter '=1+2*3'. (Note that Microsoft Excel uses '*' instead of ‘x’ as multiplication.) When you complete...
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Accountant?

    Gail Maisey AAT Tutor (St Albans) Picture The accountancy profession offers a robust career with the opportunity to earn a good salary along with career advancement and a secure future. After all, every business needs an accountant whether that business is a sole trader or a huge multi-national. But not everyone has what it takes to be...
  • "Reinventing Education" Whilst Fixing My Car Editor's Pick

    Miguel Acha Creativity Coaching Professional (South West London) Picture "Reinventing Education: A 'Thought Experiment' by 21 authors" is an interesting book in which they ask 21 people the following question: "How would we meet the educational needs of the next half century, if we were starting from scratch, unconstrained by existing institutions, beliefs and...
  • Corporate Interview Etiquette Editor's Pick

    Bryn Keech Job Applications Coach (Northampton) Picture Having spent many years interviewing candidates for corporate roles, there’s one thing that I always advise people… Your interview starts the moment you arrive! Many candidates aren’t aware of this but there are many stories of what interviewers have observed that put them off candidates. I...
  • How to pass the ACA Professional Level exams!

    Kieran Doe ACA Tutor (North London) Picture The Professional Stage exams are a major step up from Certificate level in terms of the level of technical content, complexity of the exam paper questions and the time pressure faced in the exam.  Even when students get their head around the advanced technical concepts, they often fall short...
  • How to pass P2 Corporate Reporting

    Kieran Doe ACCA Tutor (North London) Picture Summary This article explains why so many students fail P2 and offers advice on how students should prepare for the exam. Written by an exam prize winner and P2 tutor who has a 98% student pass rate, this is a must read for any student about to start preparing for the P2 exam. Body Of the...


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