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How to choose a good accounting text book

Learning accounts is a fairly straightforward process - it only requires practice, a good...
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5 Tips On How To Network Effectively

1. PREPARE YOUR PERSONAL STORYAt a busy networking event, you can save a great deal of time –...

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Why Study For An Accountancy Qualification?

Let's make one thing clear from the start: becoming a qualified accountant isn't easy. There...
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"Reinventing Education" Whilst Fixing My Car

"Reinventing Education: A 'Thought Experiment' by 21 authors" is an interesting book in which...

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  • Quick Introduction Basic consolidation (Business

    Bicky Accounting Tutor (South West London) Picture Whether its F3, F7 or P2 (ACCA) or Financial/Corporate Reporting (ICAEW), consolidated financial statements are tested on various levels.   When one company shows interest in acquiring another company, as long as its more than 50% common shares in target company on acquisition, the acquired...
  • My AAT Study Journey

    Emma Grant AAT Tutor (Exeter) Picture My Study Trials and Tribulations! I started my AAT studies way back in 1997, when there was no such thing as Excel and the internet was still in its infancy. Having floated through school and college without much interest in studying, I was now floating through my first few years of working...
  • Statistics Tools for Students

    Statistical Data Analysis Tutor (West London) Picture Statistical tools are important regarding the analysis of the data collected for some research. Applying the statistical tools is difficult and lengthy processes as it requires performing calculations before the final output can be obtained. To ease out the process, various statistical software...
  • How Can Marketing Skills Help You?

    Nigel Frey Marketing Tutor (Sutton) Picture A common complaint that some people come up with is that they may be running a small business making and selling crafts and jewellery on a small budget. But if they have to spend a fortune using the services of a photographer, graphic designer or web designer to help promote their work, how are...
  • Insider Trading Regulation

    Omowunmi Adedurotimi Economics (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture 'Insider Trading Rregulation': To Be Or Not To Be Insider trading may be defined as the act of trading in company securities by persons often referred to as insiders, who by virtue of their relationship to the company, possess some information, not available to the public, but material to the...
  • Why Learn To Code? Editor's Pick

    Nicola Plant Computer Programming (general) Tutor (East London) Picture What is this recent hype about learning to code? "Everyone should learn to code in this new technologically driven world", says Silicon Valley. The new compulsory computing syllabus at UK schools has reflected this trend and computing is now taught from KS2. In addition, this (previously...
  • Using Scrum

    HZ Business Skills Tutor (South West London) Picture Being Agile is a buzz word in the software industry. As more and more companies are adopting it, it is becoming important to get it right so that the wrong practices don’t become an industry norm as it usually happens. A common framework in Agile is Scrum and most of the companies start using it...
  • Interview techniques for children & young adults

    Helen Clark Presentation/ Interview Skills Coach (Stockport) Picture Much of what we understand to be good interview techniques are common sense. For example, dressing appropriately, coming across as confident and articulate, giving eye contact to the interviewee and answering questions appropriately. In theory this is all well and good, but in practise a good...
  • How To Moderate A Panel

    Richard Foster-Fletcher Presentation/ Interview Skills Coach (Milton Keynes) Picture Chairing a panel might sound simple enough, but doing it well requires preparation, practise and skill. Here's my tips: Choosing the Panel: 1. Choosing the Panel: - Look for diversity. - Check expertise. - Are they eloquent speakers? 2. Beforehand: - Research the topic, the panelists and...
  • Break-even point and Margin of safety

    Nitisha Burnwal Accounting Tutor (Twickenham) Picture                                                Break Even Point and Margin of Safety For any business, Break-even point is very important. Particularly, for start up businesses, it is very important to know how much they need to produce and sell to break even. There are...


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