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The T Junction

So you’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re...

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"I Like Numbers"

On the day of enrolment at an adult education college the response to the question "Why have you...
Computing and IT skills

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Learning to program: it's not about the language

Learning to program is something many kids (and adults) want to do. Most often, the kids I come...
Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance - an introduction

In this day and age many industries face difficult challenges and those companies associated...

Fresh Articles

  • Disposal Of Fixed Assets in Accounting

    Salman Saleem Accounting Tutor (East London) Picture Non-Current or Fixed Assets has always been a difficult area for students and teachers alike. Since the Fixed Asset is a wide and difficult area, the disposal of Fixed Assets poses more problems for accounting students. I have met a number of accounting students who struggled with the Fixed...
  • 5 Tips On How To Network Effectively Editor's Pick

    Timon Job Applications Coach (South East London) Picture 1. PREPARE YOUR PERSONAL STORYAt a busy networking event, you can save a great deal of time – and make much more impact – if you already know what to say to the most common questions. Prepare, for example, a good concise description of your current job or employer, emphasising the positive. Know...
  • How to pass the ACA Professional Stage exams!

    Kieran Doe ACA Tutor (North London) Picture The Professional Stage exams are a major step up from Certificate level in terms of the level of technical content, complexity of the exam paper questions and the time pressure faced in the exam.  Even when students get their head around the advanced technical concepts, they often fall short...
  • How to Ace the ACA exams! Editor's Pick

    Kieran Doe ACA Tutor (North London) Picture ‘I know someone with a First from Cambridge who failed all the first stage exams and got sacked’ ‘Apparently, each module has the same amount of content as a degree’ ‘If you fail an exam 4 times you are barred from ever becoming a chartered accountant’ Anybody thinking about becoming...
  • How to ACE the ACCA exams

    Kieran Doe ACCA Tutor (North London) Picture Anybody thinking about becoming a professional accountant will have heard the horror stories about how tough and time consuming the exams are. It is understandable how students, often from a non-financial background, can become overwhelmed when they are faced with a 500 page textbook full of...
  • Definition of Leadership

    Pat H Management Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture Leadership is defined as “A process of social influence in which one person can aid and support others in the accomplishment of a common task.” (3). In addition to this, leadership is also cited as "enabling the individual to organise a team to achieve a common goal.” (7, 17). The theme...
  • Communicating with Confidence

    LHanna Public Speaking Tutor (North London) Picture The ability to communicate with confidence is much sought after today, as it is an essential rather than an additional skill.    At the heart of communication is the desire to connect: effective communication creates strong connections which in turn creates strong relationships. And we all...
  • The time is now: adult literacy

    Miss Diane Adult Literacy/ Numeracy Tutor (North London) Picture "I wish I'd done this years ago." "Ten years ago I thought about getting help, but I was too embarrassed." These are typical comments from adults who've started having lessons in reading, writing and handwriting. They tell me that they've been ashamed for years and used up all their energy...
  • Prepare Students for the Future

    Loretta Tosson Motivational Training Coach (East London) Picture It does not matter if you are young or old there are many pressures in the modern world and it more than ever to adapt and being comfortable in high-pressure situations. According to British psychologist, Dr Richard Wiseman, the overall pace of life has increased by 10% worldwide since the...
  • How to succeed in AAT exams

    RufusA AAT Tutor (Slough) Picture Education is supposed to provide a key to the door of success. The key therefore must be a worthy one and its fruits worth aiming for! Experience suggests that AAT students often try to pass the exams by attempting the same ‘type’ of questions, i.e. on the same topic, over and over again and...


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