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Bass Guitar

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Listening To The Experts - Soulful Bass Players

One of the best teachers you’ll ever find as a bass guitarist (or any musician for that matter)...
Bass Guitar

Editor's Pick

Be The Bass 'Backbone'

The bass in western music has had its importance in many circumstances over the last 100 years....
Bass Guitar

Musicianship - The Art of Listening

One thing I try to teach my students is the art of listening and awareness of what's going on...
Bass Guitar

Enjoying Your Instrument

The most important thing about playing music, is that you enjoy it. Some people find that they...

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  • What is Music?: Music's role in quality education

    Robin Thornton Music Tutor Bass Guitar Teacher (Aberdeen) Picture There is an hierarchy of subjects in school, with the STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - at the top, languages, the Arts then Gym Class.  The question, "How would you get a job in that?", may steer student's away from subjects in which they are naturally more...
  • Be The Bass 'Backbone' Editor's Pick

    Joe Downard Bass Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture The bass in western music has had its importance in many circumstances over the last 100 years. It has been part of a section in an orchestra, the sound of the tuba in a marching band, the thud from early Mississippi blues recordings, the long legato walking bass in jazz. These are all the...
  • Plucking Hand Technique on Electric Bass Guitar Editor's Pick

    Bass Guitar Teacher (Exeter) Picture Plucking hand technique on electric bass guitar is incredibly important, and often overlooked as people are starting to learn the bass. We rely on the right hand (99% of the time), to initiate every note we play. It controls the impulse that is used to excite the string, the dynamics, greatly...


  • Pushing the limits

    Bass Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture The process of learning an instrument can sometime feel like an exhausting and unrewarding exercise. The frustration that comes with wanting to play a certain way, and not knowing exactly how to get there, can be demoralising. The bass guitar itself limits you to just four strings, and with even...
  • Bass guitarists and personality - an introduction Editor's Pick

    Bass Guitar Teacher (East London) Picture Bass guitarists are an interesting commodity - often considered as failed guitarists or as playing the 'easier' instrument, many people look down on what is actually, a hugely diverse and important instrument. But what should a bassist do? What is a bassist's role? Should they just provide a...
  • Favourite bassist

    Bass Guitar Teacher (East London) Picture I'd like to mention my favourite bassist. One of the most recorded bassist of all time, James Jamerson has the best tone, the most tasteful lines and all this with one finger!