Bad grammar could fast track your CV to the reject pile.

Has learning grammar recently become too tough? The subject has been at the centre of an ongoing debate surrounding the spelling, punctuation and grammar (‘Spag’) tests for 10 to 11-year-olds.

Teachers and parents have suggested that learning technical grammar terminology might even be unnecessary, and that it can have a negative impact on creative storytelling skills.

However, whether or not knowing your modal verbs from your relative clauses is an essential part of primary education, a good command of English grammar is in fact an invaluable life-skill.


In the workplace, people are communicating through writing more than ever, often choosing to fire off an email rather than reach for the phone.

Whether in the form of internal newsletters, business reports, emails or company blogs, using correct spellings and good English grammar affects strongly the impression made by you and your company.

Grammatical errors can detract from the strength of an argument, call into question your professionalism and even make the difference when being considered for a pay-rise or promotion.

Job hunting

Using standard English grammar becomes particularly important when applying for jobs.

If recruiters are inundated with applications, they often immediately discard those that fail to impress at first glance. Even if the job you are applying for doesn’t require strong writing skills, attention to spelling and grammar  on your CV and cover letter will simply make you appear more employable.

Make sure you avoid the most common grammar mistakes by following advice from recruitment sites such as Reed.

Social media

With the dramatic rise of social media, online dating and discussion forums on the internet, improper use of the English language could also have a impact on your social life.

Poor use of grammar might even make you appear less intelligent or trustworthy, even if this judgement is made subconsciously, which in turn might lead to fewer replies on dating and social media sites.

Grammar: an important life skill

Finally, the importance of grammar as a life skill is highlighted in an article written by a GCSE English tutor for The Tutor Pages.

This tutor affirms that, “Far from being old-fashioned, being a grammar whizz means you are astute, alert and ahead in the life-race.”