Private Tuition Fees – what rates do tutors charge?


Tutor fees vary depending on subject level, expertise and location

If you’re choosing a tutor for yourself or your child, you’re bound to consider the cost. What is a fair fee, and what factors will influence what a tutor charges?

The Tutor Pages collects data on how much independent private tutors charge, and so this is a good place to start. Our data shows that, in 2016, tutors across the UK were charging, on average, between £29 and £41 per hour, depending on the level of study.

In general, more advanced levels incur higher fees. Up to 14 years of age, you might expect to pay around £30 per hour, for GCSE around £32.50, or for A-level £36. At university level, the fee rises to, on average, £41 per hour.

Fees can, however, vary significantly. Tutors with a proven track record will charge more, and indeed London is its own micro-economy. Online tutors may charge slightly less, and don’t forget travel costs for in-person tuition. On the other hand, some tutors will give a discount for a block booking, or for an introductory session.

Foreign language tuition and music tuition are also different ball games. For language tuition, the UK average is around £30 per hour. For music tuition, the average cost is around £32 per hour.

When employing a tutor, make sure you discuss the fees in advance. Our advice page for parents and carers will help you with that.

To see the data on tutor rates for yourself, visit our private tuition fees page.