How to write your UCAS Personal Statement

If this is the place for you, Matthew Hardy's guide will help!

Is university the place for you? Matthew Hardy’s guide will help you get in!

Are you about to write your UCAS personal statement for university entrance? If so, don’t miss Matthew Hardy’s advice, brought together in his refreshingly frank and humorous free e-book here:

Matthew certainly knows his stuff. He read Law at Cambridge (where he was a Kitchener scholar), Maths with the Open University, and most recently was accepted to study Physics at the University of York. He’ll also tell you why studying Law at Cambridge was his greatest regret.

Matthew’s UCAS Guide was featured in his local paper, which is how we got to hear about it. If your interest isn’t piqued yet, take a look at his chapter headings below:

  • a confession
  • league tables are stupid
  • are you serious?
  • it should write itself
  • does it really matter?
  • the structure of the form
  • real people
  • what it’s really about
  • limit your editors
  • the first paragraph
  • the rest of it
  • bad things
  • cheque it
  • tl;dr
  • stop stressing out
  • it’s not all about money