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A-level Business Studies

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Learning about Business with Dragons

AS Business Studies begins by teaching us how new businesses start up. We can of course march...
A-level Business Studies

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Evaluation Tips

At Advanced level examination in economics and business, highest marks are awarded for...
University Business

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Business Studies Exam Template: Corporate Strategy

Although this case study relates to a specific business, it can be used as a template for any...
A-level Business Studies

The Role of Meredith Belbin in Helping Businesses

Meredith Belbin sounds like a character from Lord of the Rings, aged 110, but he is not! Belbin...

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  • Daryl Rugless Knightsbridge, SW1X Gold Member

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    Having benefited from a very good private education, tutoring is an opportunity to use my talents to help others toward realising their full potential and increase their chances of success in any future endeavours.
  • Bipin Beckenham, BR3 Gold Member

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    If you feel you aren't reaching your potential to grasp complex material despite your commitment & interest, I can provide a simpler approach to help you gain understanding at a deeper level.
  • Maureen Thistlewaite Central Liverpool, L2 Silver Member

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    I have been teaching accountancy, in all its forms, since 2008. My 25 years of industry experience in both the private and public sector have served well in ensuring I offer a well-rounded, and organised, learning experience.
  • Lola Olaleye Chelsea, SW1W Gold Member

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    Lola is a professional business studies tutor with over four years' experience teaching students from GCSE to university level.
  • Francis Cubitt Newbury, RG14 Gold Member

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    Thank you for making your way here. See what you think of the other stuff in this profile. My teenage daughters in Washington DC help me keep it up to date.
  • Andrew Freer Sutton Coldfield, B73 Gold Member

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    I am a respected, qualified and experienced professional with a record of success at school and with individual students. I am passionate about improving understanding and performance, aiming to work with you to meet your individual learning needs.
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Business Studies Articles

  • Getting an ‘A’ Grade starts now

    Fletcher A-level Business Studies Tutor (Hemel Hempstead) Picture Experience is a great teacher: Getting an ‘A’ Grade starts now Many students have started their AS and A2 courses in various subjects of their choices. This is a good thing though I don’t not know what criteria you had used to choose these subjects. Let me share with you how I chose mine...
  • Marketing - The Basics

    University Business Tutor (Chester) Picture Apparently there are 4 Ps in Marketing: Place, Price, Product and Promotion. Or are there? Maybe there are 7 Ps, or perhaps even 9? The most important thing to understand is how they operate, and the sequence or series. Are they independent or linked variables? The chicken and egg question...
  • Units of Business Ownership

    Philip Goldney A-level Business Studies Tutor (Bournemouth) Picture Units of Business Ownership   During the 18th and 19th Century there were only three types of business unit:   (1)  The one man business (2) The partnership (3) The special chartered company i.e. granted a   charter or right to exist by Crown or Parliament.   Various legislation followed...


  • Raising Finance

    Philip Goldney A-level Business Studies Tutor (Bournemouth) Picture                                 RAISING FINANCE     One of the resources an organisation uses.  There are other possible terms for it e.g. capital (fixed or working), money, funds.   Finance is an essential ingredient for the carrying on of the firm’s...
  • Business Studies Exam Template: Corporate Strategy Editor's Pick

    Philip Goldney University Business Tutor (Bournemouth) Picture Although this case study relates to a specific business, it can be used as a template for any business. CASE STUDY EXAM (CLAS OHLSON) Swedish hardware store chain and mail order biz: specializes in hardware, home, leisure, electrical and multimedia products. One of the biggest of its type in...
  • Studying for an A Level in Business Studies

    A-level Business Studies Tutor (North London) Picture Studying for an A Level in Business Studies can become quite daunting and challenging, having to cover lots of different concepts and be comfortable with both writing longer answers as well as calculating numbers. Having successfully obtained an A at A Level in Business Studies, and having gone...