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    If you are learning Chinese at school, I can help you to improve your speaking/writing skills or if you are planning a holiday or a business trip to China I can teach you a very easy way to learn a basic Chinese conversational skills
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    I am currently teaching several students. They give me great feedback and are very satisfied with the service I offer. My website :
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    Hello, please call me Mo.
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    Cantonese Tutor (Birmingham) Picture   Recommended reading:   1. Ng,S《有趣廣東話--自學初級及中級廣東話(附4CD)》 (Interesting Cantonese: For Beginner& Intermeditate)    2. Yuk,E.W.L, Cantonese for English Speakers. Greenwood Press Company.  Includes: - Pronunciation: a simple tonal transcription...

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  • Cantonese

    dialects, see Yue Chinese. For other uses, see Cantonese (disambiguation). Cantonese, or Standard Cantonese, is a variety of Chinese spoken in the city of
  • Yale romanization of Cantonese

    The Yale romanization of Cantonese was developed by Gerard P. Kok for his and Parker Po-fei Huang's textbook Speak Cantonese (1958). Unlike the Yale romanization
  • Written Cantonese

    Written Cantonese is the written form of Cantonese, the most complete written form of Chinese after that for Mandarin Chinese. Written Chinese was originally
  • Guangzhou Television Cantonese controversy

    proposal sparked widespread controversy, met with fierce criticism in Cantonese-speaking cities including Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which eventually triggered
  • Hong Kong Cantonese

    Hong Kong Cantonese (Chinese: 香港粵語) is a dialect of the Cantonese language commonly spoken in Hong Kong, as well as Macau. Although the Hong Kong people
  • Cantonese cuisine

    Cantonese cuisine (simplified Chinese: 广东菜; traditional Chinese: 廣東菜; pinyin: Guǎngdōngcài) comes from Guangdong province and is one of the Eight Culinary
  • Cantonese Pinyin

    Cantonese Pinyin (Chinese: 常用字廣州話讀音表:拼音方案, also known as 教院式拼音方案) is a romanization system for Cantonese developed by Rev. Yu Ping Chiu (余秉昭) in 1971,
  • Cantonese profanity

    Mandarin Chinese profanity. The five most common Cantonese profanities, vulgar words in the Cantonese language are diu (屌/𨳒), gau (㞗/鳩), lan (𨶙𡳞/撚)
  • Proper Cantonese pronunciation

    as the pronunciation guide in this article After the 1980s, the proper Cantonese pronunciation has been much promoted in Hong Kong, with the scholar Richard
  • Cantonese Braille

    Cantonese Braille (Chinese: 粵語點字) is a braille script used to write Cantonese in Hong Kong. It is locally referred to as tim chi (點字 dim2zi6) 'dot characters'