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The London Piano Institute is the quintessential piano learning centre for adults in London. Conveniently located near Liverpool Street station, the London Piano Institute offers the highest quality piano lessons for adults in London.
One-to-one weekly piano tuition is available for adults of all ages and abilities. We accept absolute beginners to advanced piano students. Classes take place weekly at the set date and time.

We offer both contemporary styles of piano learning as well as classical. In addition to regular weekly classes, you will also benefit from student concerts and events. A strong emphasis is placed on learning good habits right from the start.

We encourage sight reading, a firm technique and an understanding of music in addition to great piano playing. It is our goal to raise the standard and provide superior lessons that will motivate you to become the pianist that you have always wanted to become!
Ages and Levels Covered
Our piano lessons are available to adults of all ages and abilities.

No prior experience is needed to join a course.

Learn the piano with us in a formidable atmosphere.

You will never regret starting to learn the piano with us!

We will make sure that you develop at the fastest possible pace with the correct technique at all times!
Opening Times
Monday to Thursday (10 am - 9pm), Friday (10am to 2pm), Saturdays (9am to 3pm)
Tuition Fees
Courses start from £165 per calendar month. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will send you our standard course fees.
About Us
London Piano Institute has firmly been established as the most prestigious private piano school for adults in the UK.

Founded in 2011 by master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert, The London Piano Institute has helped many adults reach their highest piano dreams with unbeatable piano education.

For adults looking for the best piano lessons London has to offer, London Piano Institute will not disappoint. With a proven belief that absolutely anyone can learn, and thanks to the excellent piano lessons provided in the City of London, more adults are now learning the piano than ever before.

All levels from absolute beginners to advanced are welcome. No prior experience is required before joining a course with the London Piano Institute. In addition to weekly lessons, concerts and student events are arranged to keep your motivation sky-high.

London Piano Institute has discovered that the famous Italian economist Vilfredo Paretos' philosophy of the 80/20 rule also applies to learning the piano. The secret comes from learning the piano with a positive, enthusiastic attitude and a genuine willingness to learn. As can be discovered in our testimonials, many individuals are now excelling at the piano playing!

By studying with London Piano Institute, you can be certain of achieving your boldest piano goal on the condition that you practice regularly and follow the instructions on a weekly basis. You will be extremely surprised at just how quick your progress will be!
Special Offers
We offer group classes in the evenings in the City of London. Book in July/August for September and receive a 5% discount for the first three months of your course.