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MagiKats - Maths/ English Tuition Centre Stevenage (Bedwell) Children's Maths/ English Classes

MagiKats Maths and English Stevenage (Bedwell) Study Skills (Central Stevenage)

MagiKats Maths and English Stevenage (Bedwell)

  • Central Stevenage (SG1) View on map
  • Address:Bedwell Community Centre, Bedwell Crescent, Stevenage, SG1 1NA
  • Telephone: 01438 238288
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Personal Message
The Bedwell centre offers a friendly, welcoming and productive environment: students get an individual approach, working in small groups, taught by a mentor. Visit the website to see a video of a workshop in action.
Every student has a programme that is built just for them. They concentrate on getting to grips with topics that they are covering in school whilst also working on a parallel thread that is put together to fill any gaps that may exist in their core skills.
* The MagiKats programme supports the National Curriculum.
* More than tutor 'hot-housing' and more than learning by rote.
* Classes are held all year round.
* MagiKats weekly workshops provide an instant boost.
* Core work (usually completed at home) provides steady consolidation.
* Students use a variety of hands-on resources to enhance their understanding.
* MagiKats’ students use a multi-sensory approach to learning.
* KidiKats Programme (ages 3–5) is a combined Numeracy and Literacy programme.
* Special support available for SATS, GCSE revision, 11+ and common entrance.
* Summer booster programmes are also available.
Ages and Levels Covered
Extension, support and consolidation from early years to GCSE, in age appropriate groups.
Opening Times
Wednesdays at Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage 4-5.15.
We also have a centre at Round Diamond School.
Tuition Fees
Fees vary depending on the range of subjects studied, please call for details.
Centre Director(s)
Seeing how pupils learn in school and the size of classes, I can see the need for some children to have immediate help with topics they are covering in school, plus a chance to fill the gaps in their learning of basic skills. I found that the MagiKats approach does just that; in weekly workshops students cover age appropriate work, whilst five short pieces of homework each week address basic skills. For example, a student might be working on fractions in the workshop whilst brushing up on times tables at home.

I am enthusiastic about MagiKats because work is set to meet the students' needs on an individual basis, thus making each programme unique. Following your enquiry, I can normally carry out a placement test within a couple of weeks, after which your child is welcome to start attending workshops almost immediately.