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Castling in Chess

How to Castle Whether on the king side or the queen side the king moves 2 squares towards the...

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  • Dilukshan Harrow on the Hill, HA1 Gold Member

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    I am a self motivated tutor, passionate about teaching Accounting and Business related subjects. Qualified professionally and with solid academic background. Experience with Big four accounting firms and currently a private management consultant.
  • Matthew Brown Mill Hill, NW7 Gold Member

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    I have 14 of years good tutoring experience helping nearly all of my pupils to get an A or an A* and most importantly, to improve in a short space of time. Just some of my verifiable testimonials are here, including one from a headmistress.
  • DesmondTan Wimbledon, SW19 Gold Member

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    Whether your child needs help for an exam or generally boost their confidence, I believe that can offer them methods of learning, which they may not been given in class. I am now taking booking for the next educational year 2016-2017.
  • Eva Megias Central London, WC2H Gold Member

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    I teach Photoshop, Photography, InDesign, Illustrator, Social Media, Spanish and Chess to professional, art students or amateurs people who would like to improve their work and portfolio or enjoy their hobby.
  • Mischa Foster Poole East Dulwich, SE15

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    I encourage students to challenge assumptions, think for themselves, and generally see learning as a creative process rather than a passive one.
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  • Castling in Chess

    Matthew Brown Chess Teacher (North West London) Picture How to Castle Whether on the king side or the queen side the king moves 2 squares towards the rook then the rook jumps over the king and goes on the square right next to the king. Castling King side (0-0) and castling queen side (0-0-0). When is Castling permissible? All of the following...

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