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Classical Guitar

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Are graded examinations essential?

Graded instrumental exams provide a stable learning process for a lot of pupils. The carefully...
Classical Guitar

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The Importance of Listening

We, as musicians, need to spend many hours practicing our instruments and developing our...
Classical Guitar

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Practise the classical guitar tremolo

I'm sure many of you will have heard the beautiful guitar piece by Tarrega entitled Recuerdos...
Classical Guitar

The Importance of being creative

I have taught alongside many great players/teachers, many of whom studied music at prestigious...

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  • Book Recommendation for Classical Guitar

    Dominic MacMillan-Scott Classical Guitar Teacher (Birmingham) Picture I recommend all of my students buy the book 'Pumping Nylon' by Scott Tenant. This is a great book for beginners and advanced players alike. It covers almost all areas of technique, including correct nail shapes, and finger independence exercises. The book should be used in conjunction with...
  • Vocalization in the study of the guitar Editor's Pick

    Classical Guitar Teacher (Bristol) Picture One of the major hurdles for students as they begin to learn the guitar, or indeed any other instrument, is the physical process of getting their hands to respond as they would like to. Students usually understand the shapes they need to make on their left hand, or the rhythms/patterns on their...
  • About Lute Tuning

    Classical Guitar Teacher (Birmingham) Picture This is one of my favourite quotes about the lute: "We pay twice for the best lute piece, for we have to hear the eternal tuning that goes with it. If a lutenist lives to be eighty years old, surely he has spent sixty years tuning." - Johannes Mattheson


  • Body mapping in guitar playing

    Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture Body Mapping The following is a brief introduction to Body Mapping. Without illustrations and videos it is difficult to give many examples, but future articles could elaborate on this. Body mapping is a new concept in music education and with few practitioners in the UK still relatively...
  • Reasons Why You Don't Progress and How You Can

    Classical Guitar Teacher (North West London) Picture Are you Struggling with your Guitar Playing? Are you bored always playing the same songs? Do you want to improve quickly but you don't know how? Are you a beginner and want to start playing and have fun from the first lesson? Are you a Med - Advanced Guitar Player looking to improve a...
  • RSI, the musician's enemy, and how to deal with it Editor's Pick

    Classical Guitar Teacher (North London) Picture RSI. Three letters that can send shivers down any musician's spine. An affliction that can cause slight problems to your playing or can stop you from playing music altogether. A scary thought for those that live, breathe and can't think of anything else they'd rather do or could possibly do. It...