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Classical Guitar

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The Importance of Listening

We, as musicians, need to spend many hours practicing our instruments and developing our...
Classical Guitar

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Practise the classical guitar tremolo

I'm sure many of you will have heard the beautiful guitar piece by Tarrega entitled Recuerdos...
Classical Guitar

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How to Listen

When was the last time you listened to music? I mean, really listened? In our contemporary urban...
Classical Guitar

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Are graded examinations essential?

Graded instrumental exams provide a stable learning process for a lot of pupils. The carefully...

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  • The importance of cross genre education.

    Classical Guitar Teacher (Portsmouth) Picture I strongly believe that a pupil studying any musical discipline, whether it be a specific instrument or not, should be exposed to all genres and applications of that discipline. Classical guitar pupils should be exposed to jazz and pop in order to understand the versatility and wider use of the...
  • How to develop a good left hand technique

    Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture Developing Left Hand Technique on the Guitar   Left hand technique on the guitar has to be developed slowly and methodically. Many students rush through learning difficult passages too soon and end up with a sloppy technique, with inaccuracies in pitch, rhythm and intonation.   The most...
  • Recommended Books for a New Guitarist Editor's Pick

    Classical Guitar Teacher (East London) Picture After several years of teaching (and being a guitar student for 14 years), I feel well equipped to recommend two books that are best suited to beginner classical guitarists: Craknell, Debbie. Enjoy Playing the Guitar (Book 1). Oxford University Press, 1984. I feel that this book...


  • Choosing a guitar

    Classical Guitar Teacher (West London) Picture Perhaps the world's favourite guitar is the Classical / Spanish guitar, sometimes known as the 'acoustic' guitar, as it doesn't need amplification because it is hollow-bodied. It amplifies itself. These guitars are far more versatile than the solid-bodied electric guitars, which are wonderful...
  • The Road to Happiness in Playing Music Editor's Pick

    Classical Guitar Teacher (Exeter) Picture We hear a great master of the guitar, and say to ourselves, "I want to be able to play like that!"  This is perfectly natural, and if we didn't have those inspiring role models to follow, we would achieve far less. The problem with this approach, however, is that we may feel that true...
  • Practice and Inspiration

    Classical Guitar Teacher (South East London) Picture Whatever the music you decide upon learning, practice is going to be an inevitable part of the process. As a source of inspiration I have often thought of the famous Pablo Casuals who, when aged 93, was asked why he continued to practise the cello three hours a day, replied "because I'm...