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A-level Computer Science

Editor's Pick

Computing Science Is A Good Choice

Computing science as a chosen subject for any person in today's world has to be a good choice...
A-level Computer Science

Is Computer Science A Safe Option?

With GCSE results fast approaching, applying for A Levels can seem like a daunting task and for...
Key Stage 3 Computer Science

How A Growth Mindset Can Help You Achieve At ICT

The ICT curriculum has changed, and students are no longer taught the basics of how to work the...
A-level Computer Science

Teaching game development programming

I've been tutoring computer science and programming for the past year, having previously worked...

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  • Computer Science Book Recommendation

    University Computer Science Tutor (East London) Picture I would like to recommend the book "Computer Systems Architecture" by Robert M. Newman. It is the best book to get you started with introductory computer programming. It's very practical and has a lot of useful examples.
  • Crystal Ball Computing Editor's Pick

    University Computer Science Tutor (South East London) Picture The speed at which computer processing power has developed over the later half of the 20th century and early part of the 21st century has enabled a number of branches of computing to emerge. One such area is computer simulation: the simulation of the real world through a computer program. The...
  • Why You Might Want to Learn to Program

    University Computer Science Tutor (North West London) Picture We think that at least some historians really will need to learn how to program. Think of it like learning how to cook. You may prefer fresh pasta to boxed macaroni and cheese, but if you don't want to be stuck eating the latter, you have to learn to cook or pay someone else to do it for you....


  • Programming in Computer Science

    University Computer Science Tutor (North London) Picture Learning to program is very similar to learning a musical instrument. Although theory is important, practice is much, much more important. The only way to learn to program is to write lots and lots of programs! The way we judge a good musician is by listening to her playing a piece of music....