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Creative Writing

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Getting started in writing for performance

Drama in all its forms is a collaborative art form. The writer of work meant for performance on...
Creative Writing

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Writing Fairy Tales

Fairy tales appear in many cultures. They differ from folk tales or legends, in that they deal...
Creative Writing

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Writing for Yourself

You’ll hear a lot of writers say “write for yourself”. You’ll go on creative writing courses and...
Creative Writing

Song (published by Arteri Magazine October, 2008)

When the light crushes in, there are a myriad ways to feel. But I can’t group this under one...

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  • Kayla Meikle Central Croydon, CR0

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    I'm a LAMDA trained actress living and working in London. When I'm not watching or working in the theatre, I enjoy reading, creative writing and poetry. I have been working professionally in the acting industry for the past 3 years.
  • Karen Maria Muswell Hill, N10

    Karen Maria Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am a RADA trained actor and writer. I have a current knowledge of the audition process at RADA, having sat on the audition panel. I teach/coach on a person to person basis & will tailor classes to your exact needs.
  • Louise Armstrong Colne, BB8 Gold Member

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    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Hello and welcome to my profile. My speciality is teaching people to write great essays and pass their exams.
  • Anna Arbiter West Hampstead, NW6

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am a friendly tutor with a Master's in English from Oxford and several years experience working in education. I was lucky enough to enjoy my own education, and I love passing on this positive experience of learning to my students.
  • Charlotte Watson Wallington, SM6 Gold Member

    Charlotte Watson Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Fully booked until April '18. I develop students' understanding and skills, so they become confident in all aspects of English. My friendly style, matched with high expectations means everyone looks forward to my lessons, achieving excellent results.
  • EQE Proofreading / Tutoring Greenfield, BB4 Gold Member

    EQE Proofreading / Tutoring Picture
    from £24.00/hr View Profile
    Hello. My name is Darren Elway and I am a 45 year old English proofreader and tutor with 17 years' teaching experience and 6 years' proofreading experience.
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  • Writing and Politics

    Bogdan Tiganov Creative Writing Teacher (Guildford) Picture The writing world is a bit of a clique, or rather several cliques, promoting and supporting each other, recognising each other, writing blurbs for each other, reviewing each other, in pubs, in readings, in universities... It can become tiresome. There are courses and creative writing teachers...
  • The Writer as Salesman

    Bogdan Tiganov Creative Writing Teacher (Guildford) Picture As far as I’m aware, a writer is supposed to sit in a room and write. A writer writes, right? Well… I helped to run a small press for a few years. In that time, we received many submissions; many excellent manuscripts. But, let’s get the obvious out of the way: a small press usually means...
  • Writing for Yourself Editor's Pick

    Bogdan Tiganov Creative Writing Teacher (Guildford) Picture You’ll hear a lot of writers say “write for yourself”. You’ll go on creative writing courses and they’ll tell you to write for yourself. It never made sense to me. I wanted an audience. I wanted to be read, to be appreciated, I wanted to be talked about, admired, I wanted my books to be a...


  • Writing Fairy Tales Editor's Pick

    Polly Tuckett Creative Writing Teacher (Leicester) Picture Fairy tales appear in many cultures. They differ from folk tales or legends, in that they deal with magical beings and archetypal characters rather than real people, gods or events. Characters are not usually named and there is a timeless quality to the fairy tale with its ‘once upon a time’...
  • An Exercise In Creative Writing

    Amber Armitage Creative Writing Teacher (North London) Picture Here is a creative writing exercise to explore the idea of 'conflict': Conflict is a necessary element of fictional literature. It is defined as the problem in any piece of literature and is often classified according to the nature of the protagonist. First of all decide on the type of...
  • Writing Dialogue in Novels and Short Stories Editor's Pick

    Creative Writing Teacher (Chester) Picture Writing dialogue divides into form and content. Form means the mechanics of dialogue writing; i.e. how it is usually laid out on the page; what methods / conventions are held to be most effective. Content means the style of dialogue writing; i.e. how to write dialogue that is both convincing...