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Tutoring is Fun and Effective

I feel that tutoring is more effective when it is fun. I would like to share some of my...

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Dyslexia- what is it?

What is Dyslexia?  A lady called out to me, 'Dyslexia is a curse'! A colleague and I were...

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Stories To Learn English Spellings

Dyslexia very often manifests itself in a frustrating difficulty in learning English spellings....

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Are Certain Jobs Particularly Suited to Dyslexics?

My dyslexic librarian - are certain jobs particularly suited to dyslexics? Despite being a...

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Dyslexia Articles

  • Tutoring is Fun and Effective Editor's Pick

    Andrew Elliman Dyslexia Tutor (Redhill) Picture I feel that tutoring is more effective when it is fun. I would like to share some of my experiences working with dyslexic primary, secondary and mature students. Here is the dialogue between a disgruntled year nine child and myself employed as a tutor under the ‘pupil premium’ scheme, within...
  • Understanding Dyslexia

    Maxine Redsell Dyslexia Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Dyslexia, often referenced as Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), is unrelated to general intelligence. It is a problem in coping with language; its organisation and processing. Dyslexic people usually struggle with spelling. They often experience difficulty with reading, processing written...
  • Dyslexia, confidence & growth mindset

    Sue Lyon Dyslexia Tutor (Hull) Picture As a teacher of nearly 36 years and more recently a 1:1 tutor of primary aged pupils, whether they have been diagnosed with dyslexia, dyslcalculia, or are struggling at school, I have learnt that building confidence is paramount to an individual's progress. Prior to beginning 1:1 tuition, I...


  • Living and working with dyslexia

    Jo Barents Dyslexia Tutor (Bournemouth) Picture I have been working with the Disabled Students Allowance since 2010. I began assistive technology training after completing my university degree, as I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the last month of my course and was unable to gain any support. My university stopped me from achieving my...
  • Dyslexia, Cognitive Dissonance and Visual Stress. Editor's Pick

    Dyslexia Tutor (Cleveland) Picture What is visual stress? Dyslexic people often complain that the words are moving about on the page. This can make it difficult for them to focus. Some people get around this problem by hyper-focusing but this means that they quickly become tired and can develop migraine like headaches, feelings...
  • Strategies to support dyslexia

    Dyslexia Tutor (Hereford) Picture Organisation Strategies A child with dyslexia is likely to find it difficult to organise everyday tasks. 1. Provide checklists. Set routines. 2. Colour-code the timetable so that lessons can be seen at a glance. 3. Pack school bags the night before and put them by the front door. 4. Establish a...