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Signs Of Dyslexia

What are the signs of dyslexia or literacy difficulties? There is no easy, universal answer to...

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Identifying and Defining Dyslexia

‘The first stage of the assessment process is to identify those children who are not making...

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Ingredients for good teaching

I believe that good teaching is the same for pupils of any ability and at any level - there is...

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Dyslexia- what is it?

What is Dyslexia?  A lady called out to me, 'Dyslexia is a curse'! A colleague and I were...

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  • Is My Child Dyslexic?

    Bozena Haluszczak Dyslexia Tutor (Bradford) Picture Most teachers and parents have all come across a child that struggles with his literacy or numeracy or perhaps both. It could be that a child isn't progressing as quickly as his peers, despite good quality teaching. We often search for reasons such as: Is this child just slow or quite simply...
  • Repeat After Me: "Dyslexia Does Not Mean..." Editor's Pick

    Joanna Gleed Dyslexia Tutor (Gloucester) Picture Dyslexia is always something I lived with. My brother is dyslexic. A more creative, ingenious man I have never met. Born with extra-worldly skills of programming, web design and theoretical creativity than I will ever have. But for many, many years - he was labelled. Labelled as an individual...
  • Assistive Software For Students With Dyslexia

    Angela Mary Bell Dyslexia Tutor (Ipswich) Picture Assistive software includes a range of programs which help users to carry out everyday tasks such as reading, writing or organising study materials. They offer literacy support for students with specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia, whilst they also assist students with physical...


  • Signs Of Dyslexia Editor's Pick

    Zsuzsanna Dyslexia Tutor (Croydon) Picture What are the signs of dyslexia or literacy difficulties? There is no easy, universal answer to this question. Dyslexia is an umbrella term that we tend to use to describe any type of literacy difficulties. Early signs may include difficulties in pronouncing words, learning to speak later than...
  • Tutoring is Fun and Effective Editor's Pick

    Andrew Elliman Dyslexia Tutor (Redhill) Picture I feel that tutoring is more effective when it is fun. I would like to share some of my experiences working with dyslexic primary, secondary and mature students. Here is the dialogue between a disgruntled year nine child and myself employed as a tutor under the ‘pupil premium’ scheme, within...
  • Understanding Dyslexia

    Maxine Redsell Dyslexia Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Dyslexia, often referenced as Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), is unrelated to general intelligence. It is a problem in coping with language; its organisation and processing. Dyslexic people usually struggle with spelling. They often experience difficulty with reading, processing written...