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A-level English

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The Importance of Languages

Why is it so important to study languages? The English have shown a historic reluctance and...
GCSE English

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A Template for successful GCSE creative writing

I was a naughty pupil – I saw school as a social event and failed Maths – I sat with my best...
A-level English

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English A-Level Reading List Advice

Reading for Pleasure … and Preparation: Advice to A Level English Literature Students "The man...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Opportunities to speak to native English speakers

Lots of the people who are trying to improve their English in London tell me that they never get...

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  • Let’s Revise GCSE English Language!

    Jude Vale GCSE English Tutor (Bath) Picture It’s that time of year again! The ‘dreaded GCSE mocks’ are here and many students are now busily revising and preparing themselves. Unfortunately English is one of those subject areas that can be rather problematic especially when you are faced with an overwhelming pile of study and not...
  • 3 Crucial Considerations when Hiring a Private Tu

    Sarah Gordon GCSE English Tutor (Cleveland) Picture When choosing a Tutor to support your child’s learning, there are some key points to keep in mind. With the world of tuition a completely unregulated industry how do you ensure that you keep your child safe, as well as ensure they get the best educational support? 1)      Safety. This...
  • Do You Teach Students Who Need Extra Motivating?

    Paul Grace GCSE English Tutor (Manchester) Picture I have been teaching a student who does want to do well in his GCSE English exam, but finds it difficult to apply himself sufficiently to make a difference to the way he writes. He knows what his essential ideas are but explaining them for the benefit of the reader of his work is what challenges...


  • Non-Fiction November: The Power of the Blog.

    Sarah Gordon Key Stage 3 English Tutor (Cleveland) Picture Does your child have something they can’t get enough of and just can’t wait to share?  Whether its cars or caravans, science or school, gadgets and technology, or fashion and food, the blogging world offers something for all of us. And what better time to focus in on the world of blogging...
  • Online English tuition is the future

    Deborah Snow A-level English Tutor (Slough) Picture  Online tuition allows you to access the best inspirational teachers who love their subject, according to the international business magazine, Forbes. For today’s digital natives online tuition is replete with advantages. Geographical location no longer matters and timings matter less too. ....
  • Get Your Students Reading Newspaper Articles

    Paul Grace GCSE English Tutor (Manchester) Picture Have you found that some of your GCSE students have a limited vocabulary? Do they struggle to develop an English style which will enable them to write convincing and compelling assignments? In have certainly taught students who find it difficult to express themselves in written form in a way...