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GCSE English

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How Not To Be A Grammar Queen

My last school has invited me to return and deliver lectures to my colleagues – the teachers in...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Successful One to One Teaching

My experience of one to one English language tuition is that it is one of the most challenging...
Key Stage 3 English

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'Teacher's Dead' by Benjamin Zephaniah

Book Review for 11-14yrs ‘Teacher’s Dead’ by Benjamin Zephaniah This book is all about not...
A-level English

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Analysing Poetry

Analysing a poem, particularly under exam conditions, can prove a daunting task. Here I have...

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English Articles

  • The GCSE English Reading Exam In A Nutshell

    Herry KJ GCSE English Tutor (Ilford) Picture Many students and parents have an impression that GCSE English exam is outrageously hard even for able candidates. The reality is the opposite, and I can assure all of you that this is a very interesting exam and learners enjoy preparing and sitting it, once they fully understand and comprehend...
  • How To Write Work Emails Effectively Editor's Pick

    Maria Beamont Business English Teacher (Ipswich) Picture Many people working in the UK lack confidence when writing emails. They will be excellent communicators, work to high professional levels and be competent team players but the thought of writing emails can fill them with dread. One area that should be taken into consideration is work etiquette...
  • The Role of English as a Second Language in Turkey

    Mrs Metin Karabulut English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Tonbridge) Picture In Turkey, English is one of the subjects taught in most state and private schools. Other languages such as German and French are alternative subjects but English is the language elected by the majority of the students. That is mostly because of the fact that in most universities the medium of...


  • Borrowing words from other languages

    Ruth Farrell IELTS Tutor (Derby) Picture Borrowing words from other languages and using them with students who have English as their second language. The UK has taken on many words from other countries due to its historical past and people coming to live and work here.  The English language can be a complicated minefield of many words...
  • Learning A Language Is More Than Words

    Amelia Sweetland English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (East London) Picture As an actor and a teacher I really love words! I love reading text to decipher meaning, I love looking at the form of words and I love speaking and communicating speech….and words! For a couple of years I lived in Spain and while teaching English as a foreign language, I was also learning a...
  • Should I Study EFL In A Language School?

    English With Andrew English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Sutton) Picture So, you want to learn English, right? Better find a language school and sign up for a class, yes? In a language school you can learn about the grammar behind the English language. And you can do written exercises which will help you to understand this grammar. And you can practise saying these...