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Key Stage 1 English

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Don't say I'm on the bottom table.

I strongly believe that labelling children with any words that indicate low ability can have a...
Business English

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Is Business English a new dialect?

At times, Business English can seem like a different language. The individual words are clearly...
GCSE English

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Rhythm in Poetry - Can you read the metre?

Rhythm in Poetry There are lots of things to look for in a poem: similes and metaphors, images,...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Why we don't always mean what we say

The meaning of a statement is not always obvious from the meaning of the words it contains. I...

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  • Poetic Devices and descriptions

    GCSE English Tutor (Romford) Picture Poetic Devices Device Description Example Imagery Descriptive language that reproduces pictures in the minds of a reader or appeals to any of the senses. The boy swam like a dolphin. Imagery can be metaphors, similes or personification. Atmosphere The feeling or mood of the...
  • Features of a Formal Letter

    Key Stage 3 English Tutor (Romford) Picture Features of a Formal Letter your address as the sender in the top right-hand corner; the receiver’s name and address (in the case of formal letters) on the left-hand side; the correct opening (Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr Smith, Dear Editor); a suitable and precisely worded opening sentence....
  • Sarah Waters' and Carol Ann Duffy's Pearls?

    Dr Janet Lewison A-level English Tutor (Bolton) Picture The dramatic monologue often explores the unsettling ambivalence of desire. A voice speaks to us of intimacies and longings that may threaten to dismantle the very structure of the private life, even of identity itself. The reader becomes aware of the speaker’s compelling need to reveal through...


  • Punctuation and Grammar for Teenagers

    Mary Mathai Key Stage 3 English Tutor (Redhill) Picture I have found that, since punctuation and grammar are not exactly the most popular subjects for Year 7 to 9, while being essential to their literacy and success as writers, a good basic textbook that is easy to understand and use is a must! My trusted guide that I use, with adults too, as it is...
  • Poems: "My Parents" and "My Papa's Waltz"

    Key Stage 3 English Tutor (Perth) Picture "My Parents" Tone. Gloomy. Verse one and two describe life threatening situations and verse 3 describes the consequences of the poet's parents' experiences for him: his mother's memories of a German bomb damaging her home during the war and the poet's father coming face to face with a...
  • Yes, You Can!

    Jill Hooper Key Stage 1 English Tutor (Salisbury) Picture I do not believe that we all learn at the same pace. Unfortunately, the English education system does not allow for people to learn in their own time and way. There is no single method or time that an individual will need to reach a certain learning level. People pass their driving tests at the...