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GCSE English

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Revision: a list of dos and don'ts

DO Plan what you need to revise and decide on when Break each...
GCSE English

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The Poetry Flower - How to Read and Compare Poems

Are you puzzled by poems?  Ticked off with techniques?  Maybe you are also a little bit tired...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Opportunities to speak to native English speakers

Lots of the people who are trying to improve their English in London tell me that they never get...
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

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Volunteering - a great way to improve your English

Trying to practise English in London can be a frustrating task. With so many languages spoken in...

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  • How to Make Poetry Revision More Fun!

    GCSE English Tutor (Oldham) Picture Are you bored of revising poems in the same old way? Well, fear not as I am here to tell you about how to liven it up, make it more exciting and make you want to actually revise them!! Understanding the poems is the key to doing well in this question. However this can be more complicated than...
  • Dickens' London

    University English Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture Introduction to MA Dissertation Entitled 'The Multifarious Voices of Dickens' London' Dickens’ London is at once both strangely familiar to the modern reader as well as distanced from them in terms of attitudes and social forms. His embellished descriptions of London create a city of Dickens’...
  • Making Essays Your Own

    A-level English Tutor (Twickenham) Picture Everyone has their own essay writing style, and it is important you discover and accomodate yourself into this as early as possible, so that you may perfect it; it is, indeed, an artistic creation of intellectuality. Nothing is as satisfying as translating those lofty, dynamic and often...


  • To The Lighthouse: Woolf's Elegy to the past?

    Dr Janet Lewison University English Tutor (Bolton) Picture (The following is a model essay) 'One sees a fin passing far out. What image can I reach to convey what I mean? Really there is none, I think.' Woolf writing in her diary of 1925 reveals her life long concern with the problematic representation of experience. Her sense of reality's...
  • The Traitor

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Watford) Picture The following is one of my short stories... The Traitor Sara sat on the bed and stared at her suitcase, spilling over with all her life’s possessions. She knew what it signified. She wished she could compact everything single aspect of her life in it and carry it with her. All those...
  • Read and Listen to as Much as You Can!

    English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (York) Picture One of the best ways to improve the standard of your English quickly is to try and read and listen to as much "real" English as possible. Research in language teaching materials has shown that it isn't a problem if what you're reading seems too hard for you. Try and create a manageable task...