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Answering The Flaming Question!

So you've heard it all before right? Your teacher has told you one million-trillion times that...
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Narrative voice in 'Heart of Darkness'

Heart of Darkness is a great novel to make us think about narrative. It’s a dense, complex text...
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Essay Writing: unique problems and personal style

Essay technique and writing style is one of the most common problems facing students of every...
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How to write an essay; structure & planning

Essay structure How to write an essay Thesis, antithesis, dialectic (Tutor to explain the...

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  • Getting top marks in social science essays

    Howard Taylor Essay Writing Tutor (North West London) Picture Getting top marks in social science essays Time and time again, students studying one or more of the social sciences will come to me saying that they simply do not understand why so many of their essays have received below average marks. Time and time again, I will tell students in the social...
  • What's So Special About Academic English?

    Krista Court Essay Writing Tutor (Lancaster) Picture If you're new to producing academic essays in English, then it's a very good idea to ask your Department to let you read some former students' essays, and, of course, you'll want to read journal articles as well so that you can get a good feel for the structure and the language used. It's...
  • How to Write the perfect A level Essay Editor's Pick

    Laura Pasternack Essay Writing Tutor (West London) Picture With so many essays available for purchase at the touch of a button, you might wonder what the point is in learning how to write a great essay. Why should you waste your precious time when you could be hanging out with your friends, you may be thinking. Well, the fact is that we live in a...


  • Guess what? Better Writing Pays Off in the End!

    Brendon McGuire Essay Writing Tutor (Stoke-on-Trent) Picture In an age where we all know that you can go online and simply buy an essay or dissertation that will impress your tutor and perhaps obtain the desired grade, congratulations for choosing instead to enhance your skill-set rather than plump for the quick-fix approach. Let me tell you why your...
  • A Reassuring Lie

    Nicholas Christiaan Essay Writing Tutor (Dorchester) Picture Are there inappropriate reading materials for the school syllabus? Well, it all depends on how we define ‘appropriate’, but I certainly think that in terms of development, introducing certain ideas to growing minds at the right time is important. Having said that, one of my key memories from...
  • “How Can I Even Start Writing This Essay?"

    Louise Walton Essay Writing Tutor (Twickenham) Picture "How can I even start writing? I just can’t get anything down on paper. My thoughts are such a mess." I have heard this said quietly to me so many times in university settings and in everyday work situations from native speakers of English. It may appear that those around us think otherwise but...