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Narrative voice in 'Heart of Darkness'

Heart of Darkness is a great novel to make us think about narrative. It’s a dense, complex text...
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Essay Writing: unique problems and personal style

Essay technique and writing style is one of the most common problems facing students of every...
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How to Write the perfect GCSE grade 9 Essay

With so many essays available for purchase at the touch of a button, you might wonder what the...
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University Essay Writing Made Easy

My university teaching experience has shown me that essay writing has become a mythical creature...

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  • How To Describe The Indescribable

    Francis Peters Essay Writing Tutor (Bristol) Picture Gerald Manley Hopkins: how an acute capacity for observation discloses essential criteria for Effective Learning. 12th March 1870 … (B)efore I had always taken the sunset and the sun as quite out of gauge with each other … but today I inscaped them together and made the sun the true eye and ace...
  • How To Improve Your Writing At All Levels

    Rosy Beard Essay Writing Tutor (Sutton) Picture You or your child do not know which tutor to choose and you are not sure what tutoring involves. The beauty of tutoring is that it provides a space where you can decide with the tutor which direction is the best for your studies. The tutor interviews the student to find out what is needed. Then...
  • Role of Case Law in French & English Legal system

    D Kumar Essay Writing Tutor (South West London) Picture Cardozo stated that case law is usually described as an affiliate of common law that consists of judgments issued by appellate courts through interpretation of relevant statutes that apply to cases presented before them[1]. Damaschin cited them as precedents, these judgments influence the...


  • University Essay Writing Made Easy Editor's Pick

    Sadia (The English Expert) Essay Writing Tutor (Nottingham) Picture My university teaching experience has shown me that essay writing has become a mythical creature for some students. Regardless of whether the students' first language is English or not, there seems to be something about those two words 'essay writing' that automatically gets students panicked in...
  • FCA's Approach to Money Laundering

    Dr Ade Essay Writing Tutor (West Central London) Picture Abstract The financial services sector provides a crucial infrastructure for the promotion of wealth and innovation in the UK. This attractive infrastructure also appeals to criminals looking to launder the gains of their illicit activities. To this end, it is important to strengthen the...

    Dr Ade Essay Writing Tutor (West Central London) Picture The growth of e-Commerce has grown exponentially in recent years. For instance, the European e-Commerce market broke the €500 billion mark in 2016 with the UK accounting for around €157 billion.[1] These numbers reflect the increasing importance of e-Commerce to the growth of the e-Commerce...