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Fashion and Textiles

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Textiles/Fashion: A Symbiotic Relationship

The current British fashion scene is vibrant and world class. British fashion and textile...
Fashion and Textiles

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Sustainability In Fashion Design

The textile industry has an important impact on the environment and climate change. To limit the...
Fashion and Textiles

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Ability-saurus Vs Technology-zilla

This is how it usually goes... 'our fashion faculty has digital embroidery machines can stitch...
Fashion and Textiles

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What is it like working as a Fashion Designer?

Working in Fashion is a very challenging but rewarding career choice. I have had the privilege...

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  • Nikita Wang Waterloo, SE1 Gold Member

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    Easy to start, happy to learn and enjoy the result. Learning is a pleasant process when you enjoy studying. You won't feel bored when you learn with me.
  • Julia Jane Heckles Wandsworth Town, SW18 Gold Member

    Julia Jane Heckles Picture
    from £50.00/hr View Profile
    Hello I'm Julia Jane, a full time arts educator in art and design and history of art. I'm a highly experienced, positive and encouraging tutor.
  • Sitwat Clapham North, SW8 Gold Member

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    Architecture and Design tutor 3ds max training in London One to one Autocad lessons in London. We can help complete your University assignments from start to finish CALL US 07970325184 we are open 7 days a week 9 am to 8 pm.
  • Ray French Southall, UB1 Silver Member

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    I have over 25 years experience working within the fashion industry on many levels, and now i am passing on my knowledge & skills to help others
  • Esmee CSM Gloucester Road, SW7 Gold Member

    Esmee CSM Picture
    from £100.00/hr View Profile
    Specialising in portfolio preparation for entrance to BA Fashion, Textiles and Fine Art at UAL. I can tutor you in your home or in my riverside Fashion and Textile Design studio in Battersea.
  • Patrick Hartley Walthamstow, E17

    Patrick Hartley Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am a artist/designer with 25 years of professional practice in visual arts, ceramics and fashion accessory. My practice is diverse and I emphasise versatility and an open mind to exploring new materials, techniques and processes.
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  • Ability-saurus Vs Technology-zilla Editor's Pick

    Patrick Hartley Fashion and Textiles Tutor (East London) Picture This is how it usually goes... 'our fashion faculty has digital embroidery machines can stitch out 256 colours' 'in our school of ceramics we have the very latest full colour digital ceramic printing machines and the reproduction results are incredible' 'our design studio is equipped with a...
  • Sustainability In Fashion Design Editor's Pick

    Bianca Thoyer Rozat Fashion and Textiles Tutor (South West London) Picture The textile industry has an important impact on the environment and climate change. To limit the progression of global warming is probably the greatest challenge that our society will have to face over the next century. The objectives of global and local are to connect the consumer to the...
  • "Pick me up" graphic fair - great for inspiration

    Fashion and Textiles Tutor (Stoke-on-Trent) Picture The "Pick me up" graphic fair at Somerset House, London, is an amazing showcase of the hottest and most exciting graphic artists and illustrators. I visited all the stalls and it's packed with inspiration in a really fun and vibrant environment. It features workshops offering all different...


  • Fashion Design Research

    Fashion and Textiles Tutor (North London) Picture   Mbonu, E. (2014)  Fashion Design Research. London: Laurence King     INTRODUCTION Research is essential to design. Innovative design is the result of strong investigative research undertakings. The intention of this book is to unpack the research process by focusing on the core elements...
  • The Fashion Design Process Editor's Pick

    Fashion and Textiles Tutor (Huddersfield) Picture Range planning and building involves designing a complete range of garments that fit into a chosen trend or theme. There will be a common thread or twist running through all pieces and they will fit together as one collection in a group. Pieces in the range should complement each other and carry...
  • Keep Calm and Carry On

    Nikita Wang Fashion and Textiles Tutor (South East London) Picture I would like to write some feedback of tutoring Fashion students. I understand Fashion design is a very difficult subject. It is not like people think that Fashion is about beautiful clothes, model, magazine,celebrities. Behind the scenes, it's full of effort, tears, patient, and hard...