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French (general)

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Can you learn a language in 5 hours?

The answer is: you can't. Of all subjects, foreign languages are the ones that require the...
A-level French

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Oral Exam Techniques For A-Level Students

One of the main sources of worry for French A-Level students is the oral examination. There are...
A-level French

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Going from no confidence to A* in four days

I recently tutored a girl for her French oral A-level exam. She was home for Easter from...
French (general)

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How to increase exposure to a foreign language

As a language learner, you can increase exposure to a foreign language and culture simply, even...

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  • Use Technology To Practise Your Language Skills

    Catherine Shaw A-level French Tutor (Redhill) Picture We are all different and all of us need to find the best way to study. Some of us learn through pictures and graphs, and others through listening. When you apply this to the learning of languages, children learn through listening to their parents and others. They "soak-in" the language,...
  • Changes To The New GCSE French Curriculum

    Willorna Brock GCSE French Tutor (Sutton) Picture I am really pleased that the new GCSE curriculum has gone back to basics, with a strong focus on grammar. Grammar is the foundation of language – understanding grammatical rules and structure will enable students to gain a better grasp of their own language as they learn the rudiments of the...
  • Jacques Demy in the New Wave Editor's Pick

    Georgia C Mulligan University French Tutor (South East London) Picture James Monaco’s New Wave, one of the earliest critical texts on the French New Wave in English, opens with a description of an imagined film about the early years of the movement. Monaco describes the filmmakers and Cahiers du cinéma critics Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Jacques...


  • Why Have a French Tutor?

    K Whelan French (general) Tutor (Enfield) Picture You find some aspects of French really difficult and just need someone by your side to show you how to overcome these problems; sometimes there is a simple short cut we can use. You have a French exam next year/term/week and just need an experienced teacher and examiner to show you how to...
  • How Tutoring Helps With The New French GCSE

    Wahiba Mani-Saada GCSE French Tutor (Watford) Picture The French GCSE with its rehearsed coursework and prepared speaking exam is no longer with us. Here comes the new GCSE, all exam based, with 'writing and speaking on the spot'. Students needn't worry as teachers are determined to facilitate the change as smoothly as possible, but with some year...
  • Preparing For GCSE French

    Dr Michele Baret GCSE French Tutor (South West London) Picture To prepare students for the GCSE French examination the approach to learning the language is based on the study of the topics that are exploited for their linguistic and cultural content. As part of the learning process, students will be presented with the key vocabulary and grammar to ensure...