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GCSE French

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Do girls do better than boys at French?

Statistically speaking, it is true that girls do better than boys in French when the GCSE...
French (general)

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Learning a language by listening to audiobooks

Different resources for different learning styles The web is full of resources for learning...
French (general)

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How to best memorize another language

The best way to memorize any type of knowledge, but especially languages, is to learn it in...
French (general)

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How to increase exposure to a foreign language

As a language learner, you can increase exposure to a foreign language and culture simply, even...

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  • Learn a word/phrase a week

    A-level French Tutor (Shrewsbury) Picture In order to improve both spoken & written skills for French & Spanish (as most other languages) it is important to maintain a steady pace with learning. The best method is 'small steps each time'. In this regard, learning a word or two a week (if not one each day) becomes an effective learning...
  • Why I Am A Tutor

    French (general) Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture In all my classes, I love working with people and observing their progress. I bring enthusiasm, flexibility and willingness to listen, qualities that make me an excellent teacher and team player.
  • La Galette des Rois

    French (general) Tutor (Dudley) Picture So if you didn't eat enough during the festive season, here is a great reason to learn French ! For Epiphanie (6th of January), the French have the traditional "galette des rois" (king's galette), which is a puff pastry cake with almond powder mixed with sugar and butter.This tradition is as old...


  • Getting started in French

    French (general) Tutor (Derby) Picture Learning a foreign language is the start of an adventure which is intellectually satisfying but more importantly an opportunity to experience a different way of looking at the world. For me becoming competent in French has brought some of life's greatest pleasures - excellent friendships and...