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A-level French

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Going from no confidence to A* in four days

I recently tutored a girl for her French oral A-level exam. She was home for Easter from...
A-level French

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Tips For Becoming Fluent In French

Become the foreign person you want to be:I believe that a major part of becoming fluent is based...
A-level French

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Spoken French

Spoken French, every student's biggest fear! Are you frantically going through vocabulary...
French (general)

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Confessions of a French Grammatician

Language learning contains four main elements: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and...

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  • ‘L’Atalante’ and the Nouvelle Vague

    Emilce Sandra Rees University French Tutor (South West London) Picture ‘L’Atalante’ as precursor of the Nouvelle Vague     ‘L’Atalante’ (henceforth LA) is considered a precursor and inspiration of la nouvelle vague of the 1960’s. Truffaut, director of ‘Tirez sur le Pianiste’(henceforth TSLP) himself fell in love with LA in 1946 when he was 14...
  • Learning a new language

    Caroline G French (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture Why learn a new language? Learning a new language will open your mind to a new culture, new countries, new people and new interactions. Being able to speak another language is incredibly rewarding and will boost your confidence. It not only encourages you to travel to new places but also to...
  • Transition from GCSE to AS level French Editor's Pick

    Gill Baker A-level French Tutor (Reading) Picture Achieving a good grade at GCSE French does not necessarily guarantee an easy transition to AS/A level French. At GCSE level, grammar is often taught in bite size chunks without any apparent cohesion. This is complicated by the lack of knowledge of English grammar so that very often the student...


  • Be ready for your French A Level!

    Anne Viguié A-level French Tutor (Canterbury) Picture There is no denying that some schools are better than others but the purse doesen't always follow the outcome. Not so long ago, I was asked to help a boy "brush up" on his French. I was to see him during the Easter brake after which he would return to his boarding school in South Africa to take...
  • Learning a language by listening to audiobooks Editor's Pick

    French (general) Tutor (West London) Picture Different resources for different learning styles The web is full of resources for learning French. Having such a wide variety of resources available online can be disconcerting at first, but it is actually something great. Why is that so? Because it is a fact that we all have different...
  • Get to know French cinema

    French (general) Tutor (South West London) Picture Learning a language also means learning about a country, its people and its culture. As a French film lover, I always encourage my clients to watch French movies. French cinema is fantastic and it represents the flagship of our famous "Exception Culturelle". Independent films and small...