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French (general)

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How to increase exposure to a foreign language

As a language learner, you can increase exposure to a foreign language and culture simply, even...
A-level French

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Transition from GCSE to AS level French

Achieving a good grade at GCSE French does not necessarily guarantee an easy transition to AS/A...
A-level French

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The struggle to teach French grammar

One of the most intimidating things about the transition from French GCSE to French A-level for...
French (general)

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Why Learn A Foreign Language?

No matter one's age, learning another language is bound to benefit one mentally, psychologically...

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  • Multilingualism and the brain

    French (general) Tutor (West London) Picture Like many multilingual children, my eldest took a little longer than other children his age to start talking.  And when my child talked, his language wasn’t very clear and I found myself translating for other adults.  I wasn’t worried (yet) but I was concerned enough to do try and educate...
  • To be or Not To Be Bilingual Editor's Pick

    GCSE French Tutor (South West London) Picture I was brought up in London by my English father and Brazilian mother, who chose to send me to school at the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulles, where I was educated from ages 3 until 16 in French and following the French curriculum. This gave me a steady platform of language skills on which I...
  • Learning a new language

    Janine M. University French Tutor (Dartford) Picture A growing number of people are learning a foreign language for a variety of reasons - some choose to learn for personal or financial reasons; others such as students do not choose as it is part of their curriculum. One way or another, they have to learn it in order to succeed at their...


  • How to do well in your French Oral Exam

    French (general) Tutor (Bristol) Picture Controlled Assessments can be daunting, especially if you're not very comfortable with the language that you are learning. Here are my Top 5 Tips for doing well on your CA. 1. Practise, Practise, Practise! Practice makes perfect, and your pronunciation will improve, but try not to learn it...
  • This year I'm going to learn French

    Rachel Friend A-level French Tutor (North West London) Picture As far as New Year's resolutions go, learning a language usually gets onto a good number of lists, making this an interesting time of year for language teachers. Since most adults who choose to learn a language simply for the pleasure of it, or even with a view to visiting a certain country, do...
  • Why learn languages - and GCSE French? Editor's Pick

    GCSE French Tutor (Sheffield) Picture Various studies and articles exist explaining the science behind the manner in which language learning can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia, improve multi-tasking abilities and decision-making skills and obviously hugely increase your job prospects. What does this mean, though, to a...