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French (general)

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The Beauty Of French Poetry

This article is all about poetry and the extraordinary world of French poems. As French poetry...
French (general)

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Corporate Capital through Languages

In a post-Brexit and Trump world, where borders and walls appear to be rising more than being...
French (general)

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6 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

  Learn a new word each day - It may not sound much, but that’s 7 new words a week or 30 or...
A-level French

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The struggle to teach French grammar

One of the most intimidating things about the transition from French GCSE to French A-level for...

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  • Finding similar words across languages

    A-level French Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Many people want to learn a new language, from scratch, whether they're going there on holiday, for work or simply for fun. Whilst starting from the very beginning can be very daunting, my experience of having learnt French, Italian, Spanish and English means I don't view learning these...
  • Useful Books For Tutoring French

    Magali Churchill French (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames) Picture To prepare for my lessons I use a mix of internet research and books but I always refer to the following: French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins & Richard TowellThe key to French Grammar by Ian Lane I also have a range of various Revision Guides for exams but I prefer the Letts revision...
  • How to increase exposure to a foreign language Editor's Pick

    Christine Sautereau-Chandley French (general) Tutor (Tonbridge) Picture As a language learner, you can increase exposure to a foreign language and culture simply, even when you are busy in the house or driving along... A few changes every day can be a trigger and make such a difference, thanks to modern technology. Digital radios and the internet allow us to be...


  • Bande dessinée recommendations

    French (general) Tutor (Birmingham) Picture As an individual with an enthusiasm for French, I find it fun to read books and BDs, watch films and speak with French people in my local area in order to maintain my level of French and to keep learning new things about the language and culture of France. BDs, or comic books, are very popular...
  • It's easy to speak French

    Graham Prior French (general) Tutor (Reading) Picture It's easy to speak French. We just need to learn in the same way that we learn our mother tongue, by sound. For example, what sound conveys the past tense? At first, there is no need for grammar, reading or writing, or even perfection;these come later with more experience at using the language....
  • Multilingualism and the brain

    French (general) Tutor (West London) Picture Like many multilingual children, my eldest took a little longer than other children his age to start talking.  And when my child talked, his language wasn’t very clear and I found myself translating for other adults.  I wasn’t worried (yet) but I was concerned enough to do try and educate...