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GCSE English

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How your parents can help you out!

Ok, let's be honest, when your little darlings are going through their GCSE exams, things can...
GCSE English

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Writing An Analytical English Essay

Writing a good essay is like following a recipe; use it as a guide and throw in a bit of...
GCSE English

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How to teach essay writing in a way that works

When I was doing my teacher training, something I really struggled with was how to teach kids to...
GCSE English

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Sound and Fury: An Introduction to Shakespeare

The very first thing any student of Shakespeare should learn is this: Shakespeare was a...

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  • How to Make Poetry Revision More Fun!

    GCSE English Tutor (Oldham) Picture Are you bored of revising poems in the same old way? Well, fear not as I am here to tell you about how to liven it up, make it more exciting and make you want to actually revise them!! Understanding the poems is the key to doing well in this question. However this can be more complicated than...
  • How to Write a Good Essay

    GCSE English Tutor (Guildford) Picture How to Write a Good Essay Why do people write essays? What do you need to do? An essay is essentially an argument – you have to convince someone, using evidence, of your point of view. Your argument will be prompted by your personal take on the essay question. Before you even think about...
  • Letts GCSE English Complete Package

    GCSE English Tutor (Durham) Picture Letts GCSE English Complete Package This package is availabe through just click here to see it! It comes with a CD ROM and I found it really useful when studying for my GCSEs. Hope this helps you too!


  • What Contribution does English make?

    GCSE English Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture ‘What contribution does English make to the education of the child?’ The above question has caused me problems for a variety of reasons. At first glance, the question seems relatively straightforward, and as a trainee English Teacher surely it is my duty to defend the position of English in...
  • English Reflective Research

    GCSE English Tutor (Coventry) Picture The module on Talking, Listening and Learning highlighted the importance of allowing pupils the opportunity to practise and improve their speaking and listening abilities. The National Literacy framework (DCFS website) advocates this and goes on to declare that the teaching of speaking and...
  • Brain Freeze

    GCSE English Tutor (Coventry) Picture Many of the students I have taught often come up against the same problem when faced with timed exercises like exams: brain freeze! Repeatedly, students return from mocks or in-class exercises down-hearted and anxious because the pressure of sitting under timed conditions caused them to panic...