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GCSE English

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Rhythm in Poetry - Can you read the metre?

Rhythm in Poetry There are lots of things to look for in a poem: similes and metaphors, images,...
GCSE English

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They're, Their and There!

Strangely enough, for one of the most widely spoken languages around today, there remain some...
GCSE English

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How to Revise for GCSE English

"But Miss, how do I revise for English?" Students often assume that 'revision' equates to...
GCSE English

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Why Is It Important To Study English?

Since becoming a teacher seven years ago the biggest obstacle I have found I have had to...

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  • Analysing Language in Non-fiction and Media Texts Editor's Pick

    GCSE English Tutor (Redhill) Picture ANALYSING LANGUAGE IN NON-FICTION & MEDIA TEXTS Don’t try to write about the whole text – locate the most obvious linguistic features and write about those. It is better to write a lot about a little! Use the following checklist of linguistic techniques to help you. LINGUISTIC...
  • Tuition the ultimate solution to achieve!

    GCSE English Tutor (Slough) Picture There have been innumerable controversies around the subject 'tutoring'. Many people believe that school as an institution is self-sufficient and in itself is a complete entity which is able to provide you with the best education. We all know it is a sheer fallacy! This is so because education...
  • Revision Techniques -VAK

    GCSE English Tutor (Sheffield) Picture No one pupil learns the same as the next, yet we insist on launching them into a classroom day in day out, in the vain hope that in Year 11, they will manage to gain the 'correct' number of GCSEs. We all learn differently and as a teacher, I adapt my teaching to the requirements of individual...


  • GCSE English Exam Tips

    GCSE English Tutor (East London) Picture We all know how stressful revising for GCSE English exams can be, but it really is true that planning and preparation are everything! Here are my top 6 tips for PREPARING for your GCSE English exams: Get to know your syllabus well and make a list of problem areas: Whether your ...
  • Have a Plan!

    Clare Ereira GCSE English Tutor (Salisbury) Picture Students often underestimate the value of planning in exams. It is easy to feel pressurised by that ticking clock, seeing minutes seeping away while you 'waste' time planning your answer, particularly when you know that the plan will not be marked. Everything within you cries out "Let me get...
  • My 7 Principles for Effective Marking

    GCSE English Tutor (Norwich) Picture My 7 Principles for Making Marking Effective. PRINCIPLE 1 Marking is intended to help pupils progress, therefore comments will be constructive and positive. However, if a negative comment has to be used, it will be balanced by improvement targets and encouragement. PRINCIPLE...