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GCSE English

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How Not To Be A Grammar Queen

My last school has invited me to return and deliver lectures to my colleagues – the teachers in...
GCSE English

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Rhythm in Poetry - Can you read the metre?

Rhythm in Poetry There are lots of things to look for in a poem: similes and metaphors, images,...
GCSE English

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They're, Their and There!

Strangely enough, for one of the most widely spoken languages around today, there remain some...
GCSE English

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A Template for successful GCSE creative writing

I was a naughty pupil – I saw school as a social event and failed Maths – I sat with my best...

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  • How to teach essay writing in a way that works Editor's Pick

    Karina LQ GCSE English Tutor (South East London) Picture When I was doing my teacher training, something I really struggled with was how to teach kids to write great essays. Part of my struggle was that essay writing had – as far as I could remember – come quite naturally to me. Sure, I had occasionally come across the odd stumbling-block – how to...
  • How important is handwriting?

    GCSE English Tutor (Stevenage) Picture When I first started teaching I didn’t put much emphasis on handwriting. As long as I was able to read the work then I was happy, after all, how many people really hand write these days? During my five years between graduating and retraining as a teacher I hardly picked up a pen, other than to...
  • Tutoring to the Test

    GCSE English Tutor (Stevenage) Picture Hi, I’m Philippa and I tutor to the test.  There is a beautiful dream that us English teachers have about how students can learn to love and appreciate our subject. About how students will read books because they love stories and about how they will one day understand that capital letters are...


  • No Such Thing as CAN'T

    Maroulla GCSE English Tutor (Enfield) Picture The plaintive cry of 'Miss, I can't do this', is banned from my students' lips. They are simply not allowed to use it.  'Can't' implies defeat, an inability to complete a task, it's giving up.  Instead, the mantra is: ' I can do this, but I need a bit more help to understand it...
  • Animal Imagery in Of Mice and Men Editor's Pick

    GCSE English Tutor (Bath) Picture How are animals and animal imagery used in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men? Steinbeck uses a lot of animal imagery and symbolism in his novel. In particular, the character and physical strength of Lennie is often portrayed through the use of animal imagery. Have a look at these quotes and think...
  • The Challenge of Teaching Poetry

    Danielle Gittens-Manning GCSE English Tutor (North West London) Picture On both of my teaching placements I have observed a general difference in the way pupils feel about talking and writing in class about poetry as opposed to other types of literary text and non-fiction. Pupils and teachers seem to share an anxiety about discussion of poetry that is not found when...