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  • General Certificate of Secondary Education

    language course Irish in Irish-medium schools in Northern Ireland Science (pupils can take a number of different 'routes'): One GCSE: Science (which includes
  • Languages of Ireland

    assimilated to the Irish cultures and some even became "more Irish than the Irish themselves". Following the Tudor conquest of Ireland and the 1610–15 Ulster
  • Education in Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland's results at GCSE and A-Level are consistently top in the UK. At A-Level and BTEC level 3, one third of students in Northern Ireland achieved
  • Irish language

    originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish is spoken as a first language by a small minority of Irish people, and as a
  • Business and Technology Education Council

    qualifications, such as the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) (levels 1 to 2), A Level (level 3) and university degrees (levels 6 to 7)
  • St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon

    Patrick's Academy also holds the top place in the United Kingdom in both GCSE Irish, and A-Level Computing for the fifth successive year taught by Mr Owen
  • Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School

    prescribed Northern Ireland Common Curriculum. All Year 12 pupils sit GCSE examinations while some Year 11 pupils complete GCSE courses in a single year
  • English Baccalaureate

    Secondary Education (GCSE). It measures the percentage of students in a school who achieve 7+ A*-C grades in traditional academic GCSE subjects (to include
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    Mathematics until GCSE. The School also focuses on the teachings of the Catholic faith, making Religious Studies compulsory at GCSE, and as a subsidiary
  • St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena

    Besides the GCSE core subjects of English/English Literature, Mathematics, Religious Education and Science the following optional GCSE subjects are offered