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GCSE Music

Why Music Matters

For as long as we have inhabited the earth, music has existed. It is present in all races and...
GCSE Music

Talent Is Not Everything In Music

Talent is not everything. Yes, it is such a privilege to be given a talent. However, people...
GCSE Music

More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

There is always more than one way to skin a cat. A little boy came to see me two weeks ago for...
GCSE Music

10 Reasons To Learn A Musical Instrument?

1. Learn a new universally understood languageWherever you go in the world, if you meet a...

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  • Caroline Hall Hutton, CM13 Gold Member

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    An experienced, dedicated and patient teacher. Lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. I teach both those that wish to learn for fun as well as those who wish to prepare for examinations
  • Peter Scarfe Witney, OX28 Gold Member

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    Hello my name is Peter and I teach the guitar privately and in schools. Please feel free to contact me for guitar lessons with a very patient teacher.
  • Yiannis Christofides East Barnet, EN4 Silver Member

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    Friendly, motivating and challenging tuition based on years of experience as a fully qualified music teacher, concert violinist and violin tutor.
  • Agnieszka Teodorowska (Aga) Byfleet, KT14 Silver Member

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    *Learning how to play an instrument is an inspiring experience.
  • Andrew Pisanu East Barnet, N14

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    Whether you wish to play Mozart sonatas or learn the chords to your favourite Adele songs I am the ideal candidate!
  • Sarah Champion Chesham, HP5 Gold Member

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    Learn to sing in fun and healthy way with an experienced professional singer! All ages and levels are welcome.
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  • Getting the best out of GCSE Music

    GCSE Music Tutor (West London) Picture The GCSE Music Program gives you a nice general overview of music history as well as introductions to various world music traditions and Brit Pop. You develop your understanding of theory and use it to analyze harmonies. Get the most out of your GCSE by taking a comprehensive and practical...
  • The Red Light

    GCSE Music Tutor (Romford) Picture When I get a student who needs to prepare for their GCSE music performance piece, I always try to simulate what they'll get when the ''red light'' goes on, and being recorded. I used to drill them to death on the chosen piece, so to (hopefully) get them playing all the mistakes before the big...
  • How to Prepare for GCSE Music Editor's Pick

    GCSE Music Tutor (South East London) Picture A recurring major worry for many GCSE Music students is that they have left too much to do towards the end of their 2 year course, as well as assuming that they would be much better musicians at this stage and therefore produce better results in the final month(s). Two simple tips: 1/ ...


  • Essay - The Culture of Virtuosity

    GCSE Music Tutor (South East London) Picture The Culture of Virtuosity: the mother of progress [1] or growing malady [2]? 1 - Introduction ‘Virtuosity dates back to a period when musicians, composers included, depended upon the patronage and nod of nobility for their very existence... and had to severally contort themselves and exhibit...
  • Improving your Listening Skills

    GCSE Music Tutor (Sheffield) Picture A vital part of GCSE Music is the Listening Paper. You should be able to respond to different types of music and identify key characteristics. Here are 5 tips for listening revision: To improve your listening skills, you must actively listen to a range of pieces every day. To...
  • Revision Websites

    GCSE Music Tutor (Southend on Sea) Picture Hi. Try out the following websites to help with GCSE music revision: