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GCSE Physics

Editor's Pick

Coping with calculations

People convince themselves that you need to be good at Maths to be good at Physics, but they are...
GCSE Physics

Effective learning

In the last few years I have had the pleasure of teaching many intelligent and creative...
GCSE Physics

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Successful Revision at GCSE

For a great deal of students, exams are on the horizon, and it is important to ensure clear...
GCSE Physics

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Why is Physics one of the most important Sciences

I believe I am one of the few people that chose to study Physics not because I was fascinated...

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  • David McColl Redhill, RH1

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    I am a creative, patient and enthusiastic science teacher and pride myself on adapting my teaching to best suit my students needs.
  • Martyn Everitt Crowborough, TN6 Gold Member

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    Tailoring to the student's needs, I can support Mathematics and Physics learning from GCSE to AS and A2 level; Science, Chemistry and Biology to GCSE level. For the last nine years I have been tutoring full time.
  • Michael Joel Acton Green, W4 Gold Member

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    Hi! I'm a very experienced teacher and musician whose speciality is focussing on each individual student and encouraging them to excel.
  • Sarah Dawson Otley and Yeadon, LS19 Gold Member

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    Highly experienced and engaging tutor with proven excellent results. Passionate about the Sciences and the art of learning. Member of the Royal Society of Biology and The Tutor's Association.
  • Kingston Simon Norbiton, KT1 Gold Member

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    For each student, I establish their learning style and tailor a programme of teaching and testing that maximises their chances of exam success…and we have a lot of fun, too!
  • Gabriel Zenkner Stepney Green, E1

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    I am a 3rd-year engineering student at Queen Mary University and am full of handy tips for acing those exams, applying to universities and making a smooth transition into university life.
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  • Coping with calculations Editor's Pick

    Chris Hanson GCSE Physics Tutor (Manchester) Picture People convince themselves that you need to be good at Maths to be good at Physics, but they are wrong! I would be lying if I said it didn't help but it is far from essential. While teaching I have had experience with students of varying abilities in Maths and it has been interesting to see how...
  • The importance of learning to draw Editor's Pick

    GCSE Physics Tutor (Doncaster) Picture One thing I was never taught at school was how to draw. It was assumed that those who can, can, while those who can’t, can’t. The teachers just left it like that! Relatively recent research has shown that drawing is predominantly a right brain hemisphere activity. The logical, reasoning, left...
  • Useful Physics videos

    GCSE Physics Tutor (Sheffield) Picture The site contains some great links to physics videos. Each video has been watched by teachers and is recommended to support you in your studies and to generate a love of physics. Videos are categorized by subject and level. For example, you can watch a series of videos...


  • Effective learning

    Dr. Clare Turner GCSE Physics Tutor (Manchester) Picture In the last few years I have had the pleasure of teaching many intelligent and creative students. Unfortunately, some of those students have had their learning stunted by negative experiences at school. For example, there are schools that do not perform experiments in physics lessons, and the...
  • Success at GCSE and Increase in A-Level Physics

    GCSE Physics Tutor (Birmingham) Picture Entries for physics at GCSE level have increased this year despite the recent upheavals in science courses, and intake for A-level physics entries have risen for the eighth consecutive year. Despite concerns in the press about students dropping GCSE physics as a single subject, much of the...
  • Complete Physics by Stephen Pople

    GCSE Physics Tutor (Harrow) Picture I recommend the following: Complete Physics by Stephen Pople This physics book helps to prepare students for all GCSE examinations. It covers all syllabuses as it covers Core and Further Topics. Further Topics at the end can be selected to provide the right mix of pages for the syllabus you...