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A-level Geography

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Why Does Sense Of Place Matter?

'Changing Places' is an important topic in all the new A level geography syllabi and the concept...
A-level Geography

Editor's Pick

The Power of Geography

In 2012, Barack Obama made the (arguably) most memorable statement of his presidential...
A-level Geography

Slow Oil Disaster in Mexico

Oil Disaster Imminent in Mexico Pemex, the national oil company of Mexico, estimate they will...
A-level Geography

Overgrazing and the causes of Syria's war

This is a really interesting article for both biology and geography students. The article...

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  • A-Ling Chan Sanderstead, CR2 Silver Member

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    I offer friendly and accessible maths tuition targeting the fundamentals of maths and also self confidence. I believe these are essential given the increased difficulty on students due to entrance exams and the new GCSE curriculum.
  • Emma Williams Norbury, SW16

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    Hi, I am a dedicated and passionate teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years. I have taught and been Head of Geography departments in the UK, Singapore and Australia in both the public and private sector.
  • Mr. David Poupart Wolverton, MK12 Silver Member

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    I am a very experienced ex-secondary school teacher of mainly A2 & AS/ IB/ GCSE /KS3 GEOGRAPHY. My second academic subject is Maths but have also taught English - both of these subjects to GCSE Level.
  • Dissertation Tutor Brockley, SE14 Gold Member

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    Dissertation Tutor, Dissertation tuition, Dissertation Help, University tutor, Business, Social work, Management, Nursing, MBA, Occupational therapy, Sociology. Retired University Dissertation Marker. Private tutor 1-to-1.
  • Zara Boyd Wandsworth Common, SW11 Gold Member

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    Hello, my name is Zara. I have recently graduated from Cambridge, where I studied Natural Sciences and am now studying Graduate Medicine at Imperial. I am passionate about teaching all ages and abilities.
  • Chris Street MSc Bransgore and Burley, BH23 Gold Member

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    Chris Street aims to make learning about the subjects he tutors enjoyable and fun. Chris builds confidence, knowledge & exam techniques in his students so that they are more likely to achieve their target grades.
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  • Why Does Sense Of Place Matter? Editor's Pick

    Sylvia Hutchinson A-level Geography Tutor (Stevenage) Picture 'Changing Places' is an important topic in all the new A level geography syllabi and the concept of sense of place is central to it. Sense of place is concerned with the meanings that people attach to a place, rather than its physical characteristics and its importance in human wellbeing and...
  • Top Tips for A 9 Mark Geography Question

    Emily Thorpe GCSE Geography Tutor (East London) Picture Is there a figure?Interpretation of figures is an important skill to master for GCSE Geography. There are an increasing number of 9 mark questions that have a figure attached. Top tips for using this figure: Remember if you don't talk about it your marks will be limited no matter how good...
  • The Power of Geography Editor's Pick

    Emma Williams A-level Geography Tutor (South West London) Picture In 2012, Barack Obama made the (arguably) most memorable statement of his presidential career:- “The study of Geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exist across continents....


  • Why I find Human & Physical geography fascinating

    GCSE Geography Tutor (South West London) Picture A train journey to Chengdu! China has one of the biggest and busiest railway networks in the world, linking almost every town and city. And unlike most westerners who travel this huge country, we spent our overnight train journey to the panda city of Chengdu with the local people sitting on...
  • Improving the uptake of Geography at GCSE Editor's Pick

    GCSE Geography Tutor (Newcastle upon Tyne) Picture The importance of geography is clearly documented. It is a subject with the ability to provide knowledge of the world’s contemporary challenges, to provide understanding of our relationship with the world’s resources (Hopkin and Lambert 2011), and to equip young people with the skills to help...
  • Overgrazing and the causes of Syria's war

    Hannah Ellis - Tuition Matters A-level Geography Tutor (Gloucester) Picture This is a really interesting article for both biology and geography students. The article highlights the link between human and physical geography, ecological pressures in a fragile ecosystem, the need for conservation, and how this is deemed one of the primary contributing factors to Syria's...