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When I left school, Multimedia was just being introduced into the curriculum for schools. I went...

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  • Andrew Gillett Severals, CB8 Gold Member

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    I grew up programming early computers such as the ZX Spectrum. Thirty years on, I have 13 years experience as a programmer in the videogame industry, and have worked on games that have sold millions.
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  • Useful Websites

    Higher Computing Tutor (Paisley) Picture When I left school, Multimedia was just being introduced into the curriculum for schools. I went to college to study it, and one website which helped me a lot was This website is really helpful for all sorts of multimedia information such as HTML and javascript. Although this...

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    SQA: Arrangements for Computing (Higher), page 13-14 SQA: Arrangements for Computing<=3 (Higher), page 15-16 Higher Computing on the official SQA website:
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    Cloud computing is a new form of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on
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    journals in computer science". Times Higher Education. 14 May 2009. Retrieved 22 August 2009.  SIAM Journal on Computing bibliographic information on DBLP
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    syndrome. High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (HPRC) is a computer architecture combining reconfigurable computing-based accelerators like field-programmable
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    Enterprise digital assistant Location-based service Mobile cloud computing Mobile Computing and Communications Review Mobile development Mobile device management
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    needed] Distributed computing also refers to the use of distributed systems to solve computational problems. In distributed computing, a problem is divided
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    parallel computing has become the dominant paradigm in computer architecture, mainly in the form of multi-core processors. Parallel computing is closely
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    Trusted Computing (TC) is a technology developed and promoted by the Trusted Computing Group. The term is taken from the field of trusted systems and has
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    30% (Computing Studies) of the final mark. The majority of Scottish Higher Education Institutions were generally only accepting Revised Higher Grade
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    The SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC), formerly SIAM Journal on Scientific & Statistical Computing, is a scientific journal focusing on the