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The Wonder that is the BBC News Website

The BBC News website is in my opinion the most accessable, user-friendly and interesting way to...

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    I am a qualified (ex-) secondary school teacher (Maths, English, Computer Studies); re-qualified as a psychotherapist and have worked as such (both privately and in the NHS) since 1984. I now work part-time as a counsellor and tutor.
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  • The Wonder that is the BBC News Website

    Higher Modern Studies Tutor (Kilmarnock) Picture The BBC News website is in my opinion the most accessable, user-friendly and interesting way to foster any sort of interest in current affairs. From world news, to UK news and local news it's all there. From photos, blogs, discussion forums and quizzes as well, everything you need is there on...

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  • Modern Studies

    opportunity to study Modern Studies concepts through the 'People in Society, Economy and Business' area of the broader Social Studies Curriculum for Excellence
  • Journal of Higher Criticism

    history-of-religion issues from the perspective of higher criticism", published by the Institute for Higher Critical Studies. The editor-in-chief was Robert M. Price
  • Higher education

    countries have increased the participation of the age group who mostly studies higher education from the elite rate, of up to 15 per cent, to the mass rate
  • Central University for Tibetan Studies

    for Tibetan Studies (CUTS; Tibetan: ཝ་ཎ་མཐོ་སློབ, Wylie: wa Na mtho slob), originally called Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (CIHTS), is a
  • Higher (Scottish)

    have higher and lower levels assessed as individual subjects including Mathematics, Ancient or Modern Foreign Language, Science, etc. The higher level
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    Italian Studies at New York University (Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò); Department of Italian Studies at Brown University; Department of Italian Studies at
  • Advanced Higher

    Mechatronics Modern Studies Music Physical Education Physics Product Design Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies Russian Spanish Technological Studies
  • Historical criticism

    The truth lies in the historical context. In Classical studies, the 19th century approach to higher criticism set aside "efforts to fill ancient religion
  • Secondary modern school

    Grammar schools were generally funded at a higher per-student level than secondary modern schools. Secondary moderns were generally deprived of both resources
  • Islamic studies

    point of view, Islamic studies do academic research on Islam and Islamic culture independent of faith. In this respect, Islamic studies neither engage in shaping