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Learning Is Different From Being Taught

Learning is different from Being Taught: Teaching is Guiding someone towards Learning. I was...

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  • Courtenay Young Galashiels, TD1

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    I am a qualified (ex-) secondary school teacher (Maths, English, Computer Studies); re-qualified as a psychotherapist and have worked as such (both privately and in the NHS) since 1984. I now work part-time as a counsellor and tutor.
  • Pass Psychology Offerton, SK2 Gold Member

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    Psychology students have been coming to me for tuition since 2009 and they have seen massive improvements in terms of the grades, enjoyment and knowledge. They seem to like having the support and 1-2-1 help.
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  • Learning Is Different From Being Taught

    Courtenay Young Higher Psychology Tutor (Galashiels) Picture Learning is different from Being Taught: Teaching is Guiding someone towards Learning. I was once a secondary school teacher and I was also involved – at the same time - with ‘Education Otherwise’ – an organization supporting people who wanted to educate their children at home. The title...

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