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  • Equestrianism

    horseman, horse), more often known as riding, horseback riding (American English) or horse riding (British English), refers to the skill of riding, driving
  • Trick riding

    Trick riding refers to the act of performing stunts while riding a horse, such as the rider standing upright on a galloping horse. Other stunts might
  • Horse Riding (EP)

    Horse Riding is an extended play by The Hiatus released on July 31, 2013. Horse Riding reached No. 10 on the Oricon chart. All music composed by The Hiatus
  • Trail riding

    multi-day trip. It originated with horse riding, and in North America, the equestrian form is usually called "trail riding," or, less often "hacking." In
  • Riding horse (horse show)

    The Riding Horse is a type of show horse in the UK. Riding horses can be any breed, but are generally warmbloods or Thoroughbred crosses. The breeding
  • Horse stance

    The Horse Stance (sometimes called Horse Riding Stance) is an important posture in Asian martial arts and takes its name from the position assumed when
  • Riding horse

    A riding horse or a saddle horse is a horse used by mounted horse riders for sport, recreation or transportation. It is unclear exactly when horses were
  • Equestrian helmet

    headgear worn when riding horses. This type of helmet is specially designed to protect the rider’s head during falls off a horse, especially from striking
  • Riding

    Riding is a homonym of two distinct English words: From the word ride: Equestrianism, riding a horse Riding animal, an animal bred or trained for riding
  • Barbie Horse Adventures

    and train horses. Horses may become lost, whereupon players will have to find them. The central part of gameplay, though, is riding horses by various