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59 seconds

The IELTS reading and writing tests are challenging. Both exams require you to complete a great...

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Words of Advice

So, you have to get a 6.5 in the IELTS exam?  A 7.5! An 8.0! You want to make sure your...

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High IELTS score or ability to cope at university?

What is most important? A high IELTS score or the ability to cope with an academic...

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So You Need To Pass IELTS?

Until you need an IELTS score, you've probably never heard of it. And it seems to have a...

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  • IELTS speaking do's

    Fatema Desai IELTS Tutor (East London) Picture IELTS speaking do’s Here are some ideas to get you started Examiners like to see a range of tenses and vocabulary but don’t let this get in the way of your fluency.Only use tenses that fit the purpose of the question. If the question is asking you Do you like travelling? You need to state...
  • The benefit of ESL teacher training

    Fatema Desai IELTS Tutor (East London) Picture How all teachers can benefit from ESL teacher training practice.  ESL practitioners are taught to never assume too much so when a student walks into a class always take the approach that the student is starting from the beginning regardless of how advanced they might be . ESL students tend to...
  • “Barking Up The Wrong Tree"

    Fatema Desai IELTS Tutor (East London) Picture In the natural flow of conversations native speakers will always use some idioms to express what they want to say. The beauty of idioms is that they have no social, economic boundaries, everyone uses them. Well everyone who is a native speaker, for my international students the concept of...


  • High IELTS score or ability to cope at university? Editor's Pick

    Heather T IELTS Tutor (Bristol) Picture What is most important? A high IELTS score or the ability to cope with an academic workload? Having taught IELTS to quite a lot of international students in recent years, one question continually arises.  Are they taking (and sometimes retaking) IELTS in order to simply get the score they need...
  • How to study for IELTS with confidence

    Carol Collingwood IELTS Tutor (Birmingham) Picture So, you have decided to take the IELTS exam or perhaps you need to take it, and achieve good grades, to follow your career path. This was the case for one student I recently tutored. She is training to be a nurse in the UK and it is now a prerequisite that student nurses, whose first language...
  • English as a Foreign Language / IELTS Life Skills

    Mo Tim IELTS Tutor (South East London) Picture The reason why most EFL students cannot learn English well is that they are not immersed in the English speaking environment. Most students use their first language to communicate with each other. They don't like reading or writing anything in their second language. This problem could mean lack...