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Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singing at a Jazz Vocal Open Mic evening

Singing at an open mic night is one of the best ways for singers to build their performance and...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Perfect Pitch: Asset or Hindrance?

One of the questions I am most frequently asked by aspiring jazz vocalists is: How do I know...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Singer Or Reality TV Show Wannabe?

Every year I receive emails and phone calls from people wanting singing lessons, so that they...
Jazz/ Pop Singing

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Why do you want to sing?

Today there is so much around us that implies that singing is about image, money and fame. A lot...

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  • Why Learning Singing Technique Is So Important

    Sandra Scott Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture I was very lucky and privileged to be taught by the leading singing teacher and pedagogue of his generation Arnold Rose 'The Singer and the Voice' (Faber and Faber, Scholar Press). He was a truly unique mixture of fun, sometimes grumpy but always extraordinarily passionate in his adherence to a...
  • The Link Between The Voice And The Psyche

    Anne-Laure Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (East London) Picture As a singer, our instrument is our body. So as a guitar player would tune his guitar before playing, it is important for a singer to 'tune' his body. A lot of research has demonstrated that emotions have an influence on health and that maintaining negative emotions in the body can have bad...
  • Is There Such A Thing As Tone Deaf?

    Hummingbird Coaching Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (Crewe) Picture I thought I would write a brief, punchy article on this subject. There are only very few people who would probably be diagnosed as being tone-deaf. Tone-deafness is understood to be the inability to echo back a note, or pitch that has been sung -either by a fellow human being, played on an...


  • How To Sing Mindfully

    Yuko Yokoi Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture Have you ever felt nervous before going on stage? Or even when on the stage, you could not execute all that you have been practising for? Well, I have. I used to worry about what could happen or what might not happen, all of which were just unnecessary thoughts in my head. If you break it down,...
  • Why everyone should sing

    Nina Vocal Coach Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South West London) Picture  We were all born with our own unique, personal and authentic musical instrument within our human body. Music is found in all human cultures around the world and considering that the oldest bone flute is 40,000 years old we can expect that singing has been around at list this long (we could go...
  • Singing Voice - An Extension of Speaking Voice

    Gabi Kozyra Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South East London) Picture Singing has always been a part of my nature. Some natural thing to do. But only when I started studying singing, I discovered that it is nothing else than speaking in a wider range. That simple thought brought a new idea to my mind. The idea of what and how I can work with my voice. And if I...