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Jazz Trombone

Listen to a Lot of Music

I predominantly play Funk, African Music, Latin Music and Jazz. In learning an instrument there...
Jazz Trombone

Editor's Pick

Playing the Trombone

The trombone is a very special instrument. It goes back centuries, playing country dance tunes...
Jazz Trombone

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An Essay on Jazz in a Modern Context

Jazz In A Modern Context A Case Study into an Inspirational Figure of Mine and How that Relates...
Jazz Trombone

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Listening: a new addition to your daily practice?

Practice, practice, practice. This frightful word seems to echo from all corners of our musical...

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  • Justin Thurgur Middleton Cheney, OX17

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    I have specialised in playing various African music, Cuban, Jazz, Reggae and Funk, but also have a degree in Classical music and have played in the folk scene.
  • Avelia Moisey Wing, LU7

    Avelia Moisey Picture
    from £36.00/hr View Profile
    Hello! I am a professional trumpet player with many years' teaching experience and enjoy helping students of all ages to learn from scratch &/or improve.
  • Daniel Friend Central Norwich, NR2 Gold Member

    Daniel Friend Picture
    from £36.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional trumpet, piano, and trombone teacher, as well as composer and performer. I love teaching music, communicating an invaluable skill and helping others to learn. I teach all styles of music including classical, jazz, funk, and pop
  • Joseph Fenning Harringay, N15

    Joseph Fenning Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a freelance musician from London. I teach all brass instruments and am always happy to tailor my teaching to whatever the need of the student, whether they are looking to take ABRSM/Trinity exams, or simply have fun!
  • James Atashroo Central Sheffield, S10 Silver Member

    James Atashroo Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    My name is James Atashroo, I am a freelance brass musician and teacher based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
  • Kenny Letham Dunfermline, KY12 Gold Member

    Kenny Letham Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    Hi. Thanks for looking at my profile. I'm a friendly and enthusiastic music tutor based in Central Scotland. I work throughout the country as a private instructor, conductor and performer.
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  • Playing the Trombone Editor's Pick

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (South East London) Picture The trombone is a very special instrument. It goes back centuries, playing country dance tunes before the pomp and glamour of the Renaissance got under way. The trombone has played a huge range of music since then, and this versatility comes with a range of voices: gentle, strident, bucolic,...
  • Listening: a new addition to your daily practice? Editor's Pick

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (North London) Picture Practice, practice, practice. This frightful word seems to echo from all corners of our musical education. Whether from your first teacher, your parents or even your lecturers at the end of University the relentless repetition doesn't quiver. I write this article to quickly address an area of...
  • Making the trombone fun and relevant

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (Leeds) Picture Coming from a musical family, I was privileged enough to be exposed to all kinds of music as a child. However, there seems to be a feeling now that the trombone cannot be a fun instrument. I would like to change that perception by exposing pupils to as much variation in music as possible and...


  • Starting an instrument at a young age

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (Bolton) Picture My past experiences have including doing a lot of workshops and music classroom teaching around many schools in London. I was also lucky enough to travel to South Africa in 2009 to teach 150 amazing children a group of songs and perform in Capetown and Paarl. I have a great interest in teaching...
  • Making the Change

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (Cardiff) Picture Have you ever longed to become a jazz trombonist, and dont know where to start? Does jazz notation look like gobbledegook to you?... but you would love to know how to improvise solos, or play in big bands? Maybe you play the euphonium, or the baritone and want to become a jazz artist in your own...
  • Improvising on the Trombone

    Jazz Trombone Teacher (South East London) Picture I think that one of the important things to remember with improvising on the trombone is that any limitations you perceive that the trombone as an intrument has are actually the limitation itself! In other words, one should approach improvisation on the trombone in the same way as any other...