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Key Stage 3 Computer Science

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  • Francis Norman Plympton, PL7 Gold Member

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    I coach students to help them to perform well in exams. If I take you on, I will do my very best to help you to achieve outstanding success. I will offer you top quality tuition as an individual. I will try to help you to achieve your very best.
  • Julia Roebuck Beer and Branscombe, EX12

    Julia Roebuck Picture
    from £27.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a friendly tutor with 20 years programming experience. I can tutor anyone, but have extensive experience with Home Educated children. I mainly teach/tutor via Skype but can travel a reasonable distance in person.
  • Deepti Harlington, UB3 Gold Member

    Deepti Picture
    from £20.00/hr View Profile
    I'm CRB/DBS checked with experience in tutоring, university lecturing, sоftwаre engineering, trаnslаtiоn, interpreting, exam invigilation and cooking. I cаn teаch ICT/IT, Hindi, Punjabi and Indian cooking to students of all levels.
  • Fabiola Mann Harrow on the Hill, HA1

    Fabiola Mann Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I personally understand the pressure facing current students and ways to increase the chance of acceptance to prestigious courses. Having studied at St Paul's Girls' School I have a deferred place for medicine at Imperial College.
  • Richard Nield Rastrick, HD6 Gold Member

    Richard Nield Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am Richard and am a full time teacher for Computer Science with 14 years experience, having taught in Further and Higher Education in Sixth forms and FE Colleges. I am Grade 5 piano and can teach from beginner to grades 3/4 and also KS3 Maths.
  • Peter Nicholson Holmfirth, HD9 Gold Member

    Peter Nicholson Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    The most common reason pupils fail in mathematics is as a consequence of losing confidence. My earliest priority would be to remedy this by ensuring that lower order concepts had been fully understood.
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Key Stage 3 Computer Science Articles

There are currently no Key Stage 3 Computer Science articles.

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