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GCSE Maths

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A teacher’s view of the value of private tuition

Working towards a prosperous future In 1987 I qualified as a teacher and started my career in an...
University Maths

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Messing With Infinity

Although being a fundamental concept in pure mathematics, infinity is quite a challenging one to...

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A STEP Beyond A Level

The top universities are looking for mathematicians with a real flair for the subject, and in...
GCSE Maths

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The Benefits of the Khan Academy

The Khan Academy, ( is a non-profit, free, online learning tool which I...

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Maths Articles

  • Yes, KFC can help kids divide fractions! Editor's Pick

    Emma Sbuttoni Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (West London) Picture Who'd have thought that KFC could remind children how to divide fractions? Many children find dividing fractions challenging, but there’s actually an easy way for them to remember the method. Most children have heard of the fast food restaurant KFC, right? It stands for ‘Kentucky Fried...
  • Maths In Hindsight

    David Rowles GCSE Maths Tutor (Portsmouth) Picture I was born on the 15th July 1961 in Usk, a small town in South Wales on the river of the same name. Mam and dad were good honest chapel people who unreservedly loved their children only allowing real scolding so they would not have to worry about what the neighbours may think. This may seem like...
  • The secret to rapid progress in Maths

    Rhys Merriman Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (North London) Picture I have taught in mainstream Primary Schools for almost seven years, and have been responsible for the academic progress of over 150 children, aged 7-11, who have at some point shared the same anxiety about Mathematics.  The overcrowded classroom, and jam-packed curriculum doesn't always...


  • 'Deadly Disease' Challenge With Maths Editor's Pick

    Fin Biscoe-Taylor A-level Maths Tutor (Stoke-on-Trent) Picture ‘You hear about a deadly disease which has no symptoms but is absolutely fatal. Only 1 in 10,000 people have this terrible disease but you decide that to be on the safe side you should see your Doctor and take the test anyway. Your Doctor explains that the test is 99% accurate and that you...
  • The Cambridge STEP Examination

    Anna Rayner A-level Maths Tutor (Exeter) Picture The Cambridge STEP Examination This article considers the challenges of STEP and offers advice on preparation. Introduction STEP stands for Sixth Term Examination Paper. It is an entrance requirement for maths degrees at Cambridge and Warwick. Other universities which include STEP in their...
  • Importance Of Times Tables

    R Jones Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Redhill) Picture Since I have started teaching, I have experienced and seen the impact that a solid understanding of times tables can have on a child's attainment in maths. Breaking more substantial maths problems into smaller chunks allows children to access them at their own individual level. A lot of the...