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Key Stage 2 Maths

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Mental maths games for road journeys

I am often asked, by parents, how they can help their children practise mental maths skills. Of...
A-level Maths

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Birthdays and Probability

I’ve always enjoyed the ability of maths to show us something about the world that just seems...
GCSE Maths

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The value of 'just a minute'

The thought of getting out the books and settling down for a long stint of studying can be...
GCSE Maths

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The persistence principle

One of the main things I've noticed when teaching young people maths is how much progress they...

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  • Importance Of Times Tables

    R Jones Key Stage 2 Maths Tutor (Redhill) Picture Since I have started teaching, I have experienced and seen the impact that a solid understanding of times tables can have on a child's attainment in maths. Breaking more substantial maths problems into smaller chunks allows children to access them at their own individual level. A lot of the...
  • Tips To Succeed At GCSE Maths

    Arundhati Sawant GCSE Maths Tutor (South West London) Picture 1. Read your questions carefully. For work problems or problem solving type questions, read the entire question and get all the information provided. Draw a diagram if it helps you. 2. Read the question again and confirm that your understanding is correct. 3. Practise using your calculator and...
  • The Time Traveller's Guide to Maths part 1 Editor's Pick

    Laurence Flood Key Stage 3 Maths Tutor (Rochester) Picture Did you know that almost 80% of what you study in Maths lessons today would be understood by school age students in Ancient Greece or Rome more than 2000 years ago? The Maths that we study today is pretty much all based on the same principles discovered all those centuries ago. Although modern...


  • The Relevance Of Maths In The Real World

    Tony Michael GCSE Maths Tutor (Blackpool) Picture I am often asked by students, the following questions: Why are we doing this? What is the point of this? When will I use this when I leave school?  I see these questions as an opportunity to explain the relevance of maths in our day to day lives and how, no matter you we try, you cannot escape...
  • Module Choices For A Level Maths

    Lana Downing A-level Maths Tutor (Reading) Picture A lot of GCSE students often ask me, "what are the differences between the different applied mathematical modules at A Level?", so I thought I would write a useful breakdown of each one to help with your choices! (Note - this is based on edexcel, but will most likely apply across the...
  • What Can Tutoring Offer? Editor's Pick

    Clare Reger A-level Maths Tutor (Stockport) Picture As someone reading articles on The Tutor Pages you are probably already sold on the idea of getting a tutor. But for those of you out there who are unsure, here is a quick summary of what a tutor can offer you or your child. I want to start by saying that I don’t mean to criticise the amazing...