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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Tutor Pages supports campaign against the Government English Baccalaureate

EBacc damages the Arts, says founder

The Government has renewed its commitment to the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), a performance measure which emphasizes only five academic subjects.  The government wants to prioritize the study of English, maths, science, a language and either history or geography by 2020.

However, there is already evidence that the narrow focus of the EBacc curriculum is driving pupils – especially those from poorer backgrounds – away from the study of creative subjects such as music and drama.

The Tutor Pages advocates the study of a broad and rich curriculum in schools, and therefore supports the ISM’s ‘Bacc for the Future’ campaign against the EBacc. 

‘As the director of a website of tutors skilled in a huge diversity of subjects, I understand the immense value of a broad-based education’, commented Henry Fagg, the founder of The Tutor Pages. 

‘That breadth of education should be available to all children in schools, regardless of background. The government’s move away from creative subjects is damaging to children and also the arts and creative industries in the UK’, he continued.


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