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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Tutor Pages features in The Good Schools Guide 2010

Acclaimed Guide calls The Tutor Pages "the John Lewis of the off-the-peg providers"

Published last month, The Good Schools Guide called The Tutor Pages “impressive” and “a clear zealot for quality”. The Tutor Pages is the only tutor directory recommended alongside tutoring agencies in their section on private tuition.

The Good Schools Guide also referred to The Tutor Pages as “The John Lewis of the off-the-peg providers”.

This is an accurate assessment. The best private tuition agencies up and down the country will provide a “tailor-made” service for parents, matching the student's needs carefully with what the agency perceives to be the best tutor for the job.

In contrast, The Tutor Pages provides a high quality “off-the-peg” service. Parents and students are able to contact tutors directly for free, thus avoiding the commission and introductory fees which agencies charge. With The Tutor Pages, both parties benefit by entering into a payment arrangement without the middle-man.

The consequence of this way of working is that the onus is on parents and students to assess the suitability of the tutor, and The Tutor Pages provides substantial advice on how to do this. Since The Tutor Pages is a subscription-only tutor directory, high standards are maintained on the site. All registered tutors have up-to-date profiles. They are obliged to provide substantial information about themselves, including at least one article related to a subject they teach.

If a tutor hasn't responded to an enquiry, the enquiry is followed up on behalf of the student, in case the message hasn't got through, or in case the tutor is no longer able to take on students.

The Tutor Pages is thus able to cut through the often impersonal nature of the internet, with both tutors and students reporting high satisfaction levels.

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