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Monday, July 20, 2015 launches private tuition blog for parents and students

New blog: 'Love to Learn'

The award-winning website The Tutor Pages has launched a new private tuition blog for parents, carers, students and families. The blog, called Love to Learn, is full of advice, information and wider discussion for anyone thinking of taking private lessons in the UK.

As well as exploring private tuition for children in academic subjects such as English, maths or the 11 plus, it also covers wider issues such as careers or the problem of over-tutoring. Other areas such as learning a musical instrument or a foreign language are also explored.

The blog is also of relevance to adult education. Adults will often employ a private tutor for learning a language such as French, Italian or Chinese. A tutor can also be invaluable professionally when getting up to speed on business skills, preparing for an accountancy exam or gaining confidence in public speaking.

The Tutor Pages is an award-winning hub for the UK’s private tuition industry. It includes a well-known directory of private tutors, and also thousands of articles on private tuition topics written by the tutors themselves. Its acclaimed e-book also gives advice on how to become a tutor in the UK.

For many years, a related blog,, has been keeping tutors up-to-date on the latest developments in the private tuition industry in the UK and worldwide.

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