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The Oboe Concertos of Bruno Maderna

"Work in Progress" Freedom And Form In The Oboe Concertos Of Bruno Maderna (dissertation...

Breathing Techniques for the Oboe

There are so many different breathing techniques for the oboe that it can sometimes be difficult...

Five Oboe Reed Tips

Asking any oboe player, at any level, about their reeds and you often provoke a whole host of...

Learn To Play The Oboe

For many beginner oboists (and perhaps their parents!), the instrument can at times seem...

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  • Lenia New Cross, SE14

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a dynamic educator who believes in a broad approach to teaching! As well as learning how to play our new instrument we'll enjoy writing our own tunes, listening to a range of music, using flash cards, playing duets and belting out a few songs.
  • Liesbeth Allart Leytonstone, E11 Gold Member

    Liesbeth Allart Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Come and enjoy some music making! II provide a tailor made approach for every student, with a focus on becoming a communicative, expressive musician supported by a solid technique.
  • Fraser Kelman Fountainbridge, EH11 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    My name is Fraser Kelman. I am a professional oboist and teacher based in Edinburgh. I work with many of the country's leading orchestras as well as maintaining a busy teaching practice.
  • Greg Link West Greenwich, SE10 Gold Member

    Greg Link Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    As a professional singer, I have built up experience and knowledge which I use to deliver fun, educational and progressive sessions with students of all ages and abilities.
  • Emily Cockbill Crystal Palace, SE26 Gold Member

    Emily Cockbill Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a friendly, encouraging teacher, with over 10 years of experience teaching students at all ages and abilities.
  • David Ingham Central Norwich, NR2 Gold Member

    David Ingham Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I like to teach in a relaxed,informal atmosphere, in which a student can enjoy the learning process through creativity, acquiring the correct technique to develop musically.
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Oboe Articles

  • Evelyn Rothwell - Oboe Technique

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture Evelyn Rothwell - Oboe Technique Evelyn Rothwell (later Lady Barbirolli) was is one of the most highly acclaimed British oboists and made multiple solo recordings as well as being one of the first female woodwind players in the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1957 she wrote 'Oboe Technique', a...
  • Interesting books for oboists Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (Southampton) Picture Whittow: Oboe - A Reed Blown in the Wind This book is full of charming anecdotes for professionals, amateurs, students, parents and enthusiasts alike. With some very helpful tips on how to practise, what to practise, reed making, instrument maintenance and much more, there's lots to learn...
  • Learning the Oboe

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture The oboe is one of the most beautiful woodwind intruments you will hear. Initially forming the embouchure and making the reed work can be challenging but after achieveing this I find that students tend to really blossom and progress is easy and quick.


  • Can young children learn a woodwind instrument? Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture Many children are keen to learn an instrument from a young age, and parents are often concerned about judging when is the right time for their child to begin. When it comes to learning woodwind, the age of the child is less of a factor than their size. They need to be big enough to hold their...
  • Oboe reeds

    Oboe Teacher (York) Picture Good oboe and cor anglais reeds can be very difficult to find. They can often be expensive if bought from the wrong place and also vary in quality. I have been on various reed making courses so can now help scraping them to the players preference.
  • Psychology of Music

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture “People always listen to music for a reason”. What light does psychological theory and research shed on this proposition? Why might laboratory investigations of music listening be inadequate as means of providing a full account of musical experience? “By better understanding what music is and...