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The Oboe Concertos of Bruno Maderna

"Work in Progress" Freedom And Form In The Oboe Concertos Of Bruno Maderna (dissertation...

Learn To Play The Oboe

For many beginner oboists (and perhaps their parents!), the instrument can at times seem...

Experiential Learning and the Journey

The difference between an oboe student and a flute, clarinet, saxophone or recorder student is...

Breathing Techniques for the Oboe

There are so many different breathing techniques for the oboe that it can sometimes be difficult...

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  • Musicplus Central Luton, LU1

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    I have been teaching since 1998. Originally I lived in Hampshire, and worked in this are and also in Dorset for many years as a peripatetic instrumental teacher before moving to Herts in 2003.
  • Karen Gibbard Durham, DH1 Silver Member

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    I am a professional freelance musician teaching oboe, recorder and early years music to students of all ages.
  • Maria Papathanasiou Limehouse, E14 Gold Member

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    "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea". Antoine de Saint Exupery
  • David Ingham Central Norwich, NR2 Gold Member

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    I like to teach in a relaxed,informal atmosphere, in which a student can enjoy the learning process through creativity, acquiring the correct technique to develop musically.
  • Liesbeth Allart Leytonstone, E11 Gold Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Come and enjoy some music making! II provide a tailor made approach for every student, with a focus on becoming a communicative, expressive musician supported by a solid technique.
  • Rebecca Woodward Berkhamsted, HP4 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional oboist, and have been a music teacher and tutor for the past ten years. I teach music so it is enjoyable and fun, alongside grades and challenging pieces, to nurture musicianship in each pupil.
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  • Dealing with Nerves Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (South West London) Picture Nerves are a challenge that we must all face. I cannot believe that there is not a musician out there that does not suffer from anything from sweaty palms, being short of breath, feeling queasy etc. I used to get very nervous whenever I had to take an exam or perform in a concert, but I found a...
  • How to Practice

    Oboe Teacher (Chelmsford) Picture I often find that it is hard to sit down and practice for hours on end. A good way is to break it up into chunks - scales for 10 minutes, finger exercises for 10 and then pieces at the end. I always try and structure my practice so that the thing I enjoy most is at the end of my session....
  • British Double Reed Society

    Oboe Teacher (Bolton) Picture I recommend going on the British Double Reed Society website: The British Double Reed Society is a non-profit making organisation established to further the interests of all involved with the oboe and bassoon. Visit the website to look at double reed news and upcoming...


  • Howarth of London website

    Oboe Teacher (Bolton) Picture Howarth of London is a specialist music shop near Baker Street, London. It sells absolutely everything that a double reed player could want, from oboe cds to reed making tools. You can order online, on the phone, or visit the shop and try out instruments and reeds. Here is their...
  • The Oboe Habana Project Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (North London) Picture The Oboe Habana Project is a very recent project that was created in January 2008 for the development of oboe playing in Cuba. This instrument was at risk of dissappearing because of the lack of information and the economic difficulties that Cuba is facing. This was greatly affecting the...
  • A Tune a Day

    Oboe Teacher (South West London) Picture A Tune a Day by C. Paul Herfurth This is a perfect study book for beginners who have only been playing a few months, especially if the student cannot read music yet. I found it very easy to use as a beginner many years ago and have not found anything better since to use for my pupils.