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The Oboe Concertos of Bruno Maderna

"Work in Progress" Freedom And Form In The Oboe Concertos Of Bruno Maderna (dissertation...

Learn To Play The Oboe

For many beginner oboists (and perhaps their parents!), the instrument can at times seem...

Experiential Learning and the Journey

The difference between an oboe student and a flute, clarinet, saxophone or recorder student is...

Historically-Informed Reed Making For The Oboe

In my performance career, I play both modern and historical oboes, mainly: modern oboe, oboe...

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  • Lenia New Cross, SE14

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am a dynamic educator who believes in a broad approach to teaching! As well as learning how to play our new instrument we'll enjoy writing our own tunes, listening to a range of music, using flash cards, playing duets and belting out a few songs.
  • Zoe Cartlidge Merstham, RH1 Gold Member

    Zoe Cartlidge Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I love meeting and building a rapport with new students. Each person is so different in their experiences and outlook, so I find it incredibly enriching to be able to meet each student at their level and work together to move forward.
  • Fraser Kelman Fountainbridge, EH11 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    My name is Fraser Kelman. I am a professional oboist and teacher based in Edinburgh. I maintain a busy teaching practice alongside a performing schedule with many of the country's leading orchestras.
  • Lorraine Angela Hart Oakham, LE15

    Lorraine Angela Hart Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I am an oboist based in Oakham. I play professionally in the UK/Germany. I ensure students have a thorough understanding of the instrument so they can fully express themselves in their music making. I am also experienced in teaching young children.
  • Marta Perales Mora Southfields, SW19

    Marta Perales Mora Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional oboist currently based in London where I’m studying a Master at Royal College of Music. A highly-motivated with experience in music education. I am responsible, polite, patient, fun, hard-working and I enjoy working with kids.
  • David Ingham Central Norwich, NR2 Gold Member

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    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I like to teach in a relaxed,informal atmosphere, in which a student can enjoy the learning process through creativity, acquiring the correct technique to develop musically.
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  • Can young children learn a woodwind instrument? Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture Many children are keen to learn an instrument from a young age, and parents are often concerned about judging when is the right time for their child to begin. When it comes to learning woodwind, the age of the child is less of a factor than their size. They need to be big enough to hold their...
  • Oboe reeds

    Oboe Teacher (York) Picture Good oboe and cor anglais reeds can be very difficult to find. They can often be expensive if bought from the wrong place and also vary in quality. I have been on various reed making courses so can now help scraping them to the players preference.
  • Psychology of Music

    Oboe Teacher (South East London) Picture “People always listen to music for a reason”. What light does psychological theory and research shed on this proposition? Why might laboratory investigations of music listening be inadequate as means of providing a full account of musical experience? “By better understanding what music is and...


  • Dealing with Nerves Editor's Pick

    Oboe Teacher (South West London) Picture Nerves are a challenge that we must all face. I cannot believe that there is not a musician out there that does not suffer from anything from sweaty palms, being short of breath, feeling queasy etc. I used to get very nervous whenever I had to take an exam or perform in a concert, but I found a...
  • How to Practice

    Oboe Teacher (Chelmsford) Picture I often find that it is hard to sit down and practice for hours on end. A good way is to break it up into chunks - scales for 10 minutes, finger exercises for 10 and then pieces at the end. I always try and structure my practice so that the thing I enjoy most is at the end of my session....
  • British Double Reed Society

    Oboe Teacher (Bolton) Picture I recommend going on the British Double Reed Society website: The British Double Reed Society is a non-profit making organisation established to further the interests of all involved with the oboe and bassoon. Visit the website to look at double reed news and upcoming...