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Online tuition is a great alternative to meeting a tutor face-to-face.

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We've conducted a comprehensive report on online tuition in the UK and would love to share it with you. This is the first time that UK online tuition has been studied in depth and our report covers many aspects such as affordability, technology, benefits and challenges. 


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From child safety issues to tuition benefits, our report distils the expert opinions of almost 400 tutors. Whether you're a parent looking for answers to a tutoring question or a teacher interested in learning more about the industry, download our report for free. Alternatively, review our key findings below:

Our key findings

  • Around 80% of UK tutors use Skype to tutor online;
  • The cost of online tuition is about the same as face-to-face, or slightly less;
  • Payment is usually made by bank transfer, or through Paypal;
  • Parents will often choose online tuition because of the convenience, the lack of local tutors, or because they’re living abroad;
  • Online tutors report a number of advantages, such as flexibility in lesson scheduling and no travel costs;
  • Some online tutors believe that students can learn better online compared to face-to-face;
  • Online tuition is most popular for secondary school subjects or for adult learning.


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