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An introduction to Polish in Polish

The Polish language is considered by many to be the most difficult language in the world. If you...

Is Polish a difficult language to learn?

Learning languages is great fun and hard work at the same time. Students tend to ask if the...

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  • Jon Clark Welwyn Garden City, AL7

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    I have 20 years experience as a tutor. I have helped many people get into University and College and have helped many children get into the school of their choice and get the GCSE and SATS results that they wanted. I am always punctual and reliable.
  • Aleksandra Woolwich, SE18

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    Learning languages should be nothing but fun! and definitely when it comes to one of the most beautiful languages in Europe - French. Having studied many languages myself throughout many years I have found the best way to master it and enjoy.
  • Antonina Markut Euston, NW1

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    My name is Antonina and I have been studying languages and music my entire life. I have built a career in London using my passions and love teaching these skills to aspiring individuals with my warm collaborative approach to learning.
  • Tobias Gottfried Neasden, NW2 Silver Member

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    I link classical music with jazz/pop music. I'm offering practical advices and techniques that will help you improve your skills. With patience, hard work and some guidance from me, you can definitely achieve your goals.
  • Izabela Musial ArtDip MISM Stoke Newington, N16 Gold Member

    Izabela Musial ArtDip MISM Picture
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    I am a London-based bassoonist, graduated in June 2016 from Royal College of Music. I would like to share my passion and experience by teaching.
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Polish Articles

  • An introduction to Polish in Polish

    Antonina Markut Polish Tutor (North West London) Picture The Polish language is considered by many to be the most difficult language in the world. If you wish you could understand the following introduction to the Polish language (in Polish!), then you might need my help in learning Polish. Język polski przez wielu uważany jest za...
  • Is Polish a difficult language to learn?

    Polish Tutor (Nottingham) Picture Learning languages is great fun and hard work at the same time. Students tend to ask if the foreign language they learn is difficult, so they can estimate the workload they have to be prepared for. Sometimes I can hear that one language is too difficult to learn. The truth is that language in...

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