Private tutoring rates charged by UK tutors – annual data

Private Tuition Fees in the UK

The Tutor Pages publishes annual data on the average hourly rates which private tutors charge across the UK. The data is accurate because it is based on the rates charged by over 2000 independent private tutors, and not on private tuition agency data.

Academic Tuition Rates

In 2017, for academic tuition up to the age of 14, tutors are charging on average between £30.40 and £32 per hour.

GCSE tuition is, on average, around £33.90 per hour, and A-level tuition is charged at on average £37.20 per hour. 

For university-level study, the fee increases to, on average, £42.50 per hour.

Academic Tuition Fees

Languages, Music and Other Tuition Rates

In 2017, foreign language tuition – aimed usually at adult learners – cost on average £29.40 per hour.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tuition was slightly more expensive at £31.60 per hour. 

Musical instrument tuition and singing lessons were charged at, on average, £33.20 per hour. 

Finally, tuition in professional subjects such as economics, law, business and accounting was charged at, on average, £42.70 per hour.

Languages, Music and Other Tuition Rates

Online Tuition Fees

Our indepth survey report into online tuition showed that many tutors charged the same rate when they were tutoring online. However, some did reduce their rates slightly. In our survey, around a quarter stated that they charged 70%-100% of their face-to-face fee.

To find out more about online tuition, see our online tuition report.

Choosing a Private Tutor

Independent tutors advertise in the Tutor Pages directory, meaning that you can contact them free of charge. Using our service means you’ll avoid the extra cost of agency commission or ‘finder’s fees’.

Private tutors’ fees can vary considerably, so keep in mind the following factors which can influence fees:



track record

travel costs and travel time

online tuition vs face-to-face tuition

preparation required

cost of materials

subject level

initial assessment

discounts offered for block bookings