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Music: Hidden Benefits Above and Beyond the Sound

Most people love some music whether listening or playing and whether classical, pop, jazz, rock...

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The Art of Practice

At every stage of musical education, from the first moment we pick up an instrument to the end...

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Developing a Good Sound

Having a great sound is one of the most important assets of a good sax player. The best way to...

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The Talent Code by Danny Coyle

Here's my book recommendation: The Talent Code by Danny Coyle I advise all students, teachers,...

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  • Kevin McMahon Benhilton, SM1 Gold Member

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    Please call me for a chat, i would be delighted to help you if i can on your saxophone journey.
  • Sam Miles Woodwind Teacher Central Cambridge, CB1 Silver Member

    Sam Miles Woodwind Teacher Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    When teaching, I like to create a friendly yet productive atmosphere where the pupils can learn at their own rate but also be challenged in a suitable way. I encourage musicality and creativity in lessons, whatever genre, to build a love for playing.
  • Mike Brogan Southside, EH8 Silver Member

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    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I'm an experienced, professional musician and teacher based in central Edinburgh. Please feel free to browse my profile and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Phil Meadows Turnham Green, W4 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Learning music should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • Loretta Tosson Stratford, E15 Silver Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Hello and welcome to my page. I've just finished studying a Master's degree in Jazz at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. I am confident teaching students of all ages and abilities. It is important to be creative and adapt in this fast-paced industry.
  • Samuel Evans Plumstead, SE18 Gold Member

    Samuel Evans Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    London-based multi-instrumentalist and tutor.
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Saxophone Articles

  • The Art Of The Saxophone (book)

    Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture A great book about saxophone fundamentals is: The Art Of The Saxophone by Larry Teal
  • Pratice Advice

    Saxophone Teacher (Hemel Hempstead) Picture PRACTICE APPROACHES There are probably as many opinions on how and what to practice as there are teachers of music. A healthy response to this sea of options is to adopt one and see it through. As with various endeavors across many disciplines, any system will work if you work the...
  • Saxophone Harmonics

    Saxophone Teacher (Aberdeen) Picture There are many misleading charts and articles on playing harmonics on the saxophone, most of which are out of date as the design of Saxophones has changed over recent years. Many sugested harmonic fingerings are based on using (for example) Selmer Mark 6 and 7 Saxophones which are no longer...


  • Chief Trane - The influence of John Coltrane

    Neil McGovern Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture CHIEF TRANE   The influence of John Coltrane on the contemporary jazz saxophonist, focusing particularly on his recorded output from 1957 to 1964.   Few musicians have had such a powerful and lasting influence on music and culture as tenor saxophonist John Coltrane.  This essay scrutinizes...
  • Playing the Sax at Home

    Linda O'Harrow Saxophone Teacher (Portsmouth) Picture We all know how hard it is to learn an instrument from scratch. The first few weeks are hard to get motivated to practise, expecially if you can only play one or two notes. I have found that after the first couple weeks, when you have finally learnt a few notes, that it is not only challenging...
  • Notes and Tones - Arthur Taylor

    Saxophone Teacher (East Central London) Picture Arthur Taylor came to prominence in the mid 1950s and is remembered as one the most important drummers of the hard bop and post bop jazz styles. He played with such eminent musicians as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jackie McLean and Kenny Dorham. Miles Ahead and Giant Steps, by Davis and Coltrane...