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Hot Tips for Playing Single Reed Instruments

Greetings to all woodwind players! I'd like to share with you a little known fact about single...

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The Art of Practice

At every stage of musical education, from the first moment we pick up an instrument to the end...

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Music: Hidden Benefits Above and Beyond the Sound

Most people love some music whether listening or playing and whether classical, pop, jazz, rock...

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A Jazz Life

Dear All, As we are all aspiring to be the best teachers, students, people we can be I would...

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  • Guy Passey Nash Mills, HP3 Gold Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Welcome! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
  • Neil McGovern Elephant and Castle, SE17 Gold Member

    Neil McGovern Picture
    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    I am a professional musician based in London.
  • Loretta Tosson Stratford, E15 Silver Member

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    from £40.00/hr View Profile
    Hello and welcome to my page. I've just finished studying a Master's degree in Jazz at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. I am confident teaching students of all ages and abilities. It is important to be creative and adapt in this fast-paced industry.
  • Samuel Evans Plumstead, SE18 Gold Member

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    London-based multi-instrumentalist and tutor.
  • Rob Cox Wollaton, NG9 Gold Member

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    I am a Nottingham and Derby based musician and teacher for both Clarinet and Saxophone. I perform regularly all over the region and have a private teaching practice. I can tailor your lessons to suit your needs, location and availability.
  • Steve Masters Waterlooville, PO7

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    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    my name is steve, I teach saxophone to beginners and improvers both individually and in groups. students enjoy the group lessons, as they offer affordable tuition and are fun to participate in
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  • Saxophone Embouchure

    Saxophone Teacher (Portsmouth) Picture The basic difference beween clarinet and saxophone embouchure is the angle in which the mouthpiece is placed in the mouth. Clarinets point downwards at an angle of 45 degrees whereas the saxophone mouthpiece is almost horizontal, The teeth rest lightly on the top of the mouthpiece and in the...
  • A few Guidelines for the Sax

    Samuel J Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture For young beginners music has got to be fun and something they really want to do. For 7 - 11 years olds I would recommend starting with either Alto or Soprano due to the fingering and weight of the instruments. Above this age students will be strong enough to play tenor if they choose. I...
  • Education In Jazz

    Samuel Evans Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture Mark Levine Jazz Theory Book I would recommend the Jazz Theory book by Mark Levine as a comprehensive encyclopedia spelling out jazz theory as an essential and useful tool to anyone looking to learning to play jazz. The book focuses on piano harmony, but can also be applied to other instruments...


  • The Practice 'Hour' Editor's Pick

    Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture I have recently put a lot of thought into the use of my own practice time. The 'hour' can be more of a symbolic time frame, rather than exactly one hour; in other words, however long you have to practise for. The following is a suggested breakdown of the time - I have found this to be very...
  • Cutting down the amount of information

    Saxophone Teacher (South West London) Picture When first practicing scales i find students always have problems with the amount of information they can take in. I have learnt from other teachers to lessen the amount of information by splitting scales into bitesize chunks. The simplest way to do this is to chop a scale in half. If we are in...
  • Getting Into Good Habits on the Sax

    Saxophone Teacher (South West London) Picture I believe the most effective way to learn an instrument is to keep good habits when practising. If students hold good habits from the beginning their progression will be much more efficient. One way to achieve this is to always play the Saxophone with a very strong and full sound. Every time you...