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Music Exam Nerves

It's quite natural to feel some nervousness before an exam or a performance. It proves that...

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Why I Became a Tutor

When I purchased my first saxophone in1982 I was seventeen and had never even held a sax before....

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Hot Tips for Playing Single Reed Instruments

Greetings to all woodwind players! I'd like to share with you a little known fact about single...

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A Jazz Life

Dear All, As we are all aspiring to be the best teachers, students, people we can be I would...

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  • Kerry Williams Ravenscourt Park, W12

    Kerry Williams Picture
    from £30.00/hr View Profile
    I have been traveling the world playing music on luxury cruise liners for the past ten years. I have over two years of tutoring experience. I think it is important that studying music is fun and inspiring.
  • Samuel J Wimbledon, SW19 Gold Member

    Samuel J Picture
    from £55.00/hr View Profile
    Graduate of Trinity College of Music and The jr Royal Academy of Music Jazz Saxophone. Mentee of Jean Toussaint (Art Blakey), Whirlwind Recordings Artist, F-IRE Recording Artist, Benz Reeds Endorsed Artist.Highly motivated & enthusiastic individual.
  • Danielle James Music Hertford, SG12 Gold Member

    Danielle James Music Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Thanks for visiting my profile. If you or your child are interested in singing, saxophone or flute, please read on and contact me for further details.
  • Daniel Ehrlich Crouch End, N8

    Daniel Ehrlich Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    Hello! I'm a young, enthusiastic saxophonist/clarinetist and composer from a classical and jazz background who's ready to teach any musical skills you want to throw at me.
  • Marco Marotta Brixton, SW2 Gold Member

    Marco Marotta Picture
    from £35.00/hr View Profile
    I'm a friendly and supportive teacher who strongly believes in the importance of developing a solid practice routine for my students in order to improve their musicianship. I can teach both in english and italian.
  • Eddie Croft Greenbank, L17 Gold Member

    Eddie Croft Picture
    from £25.00/hr View Profile
    Professional, flexible and friendly 1 to 1 music tuition at Penny Lane Music School in Aigburth, Liverpool, or in your own home. All ages welcome.
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Saxophone Articles

  • On becoming a Musician

    Eddie Croft Saxophone Teacher (Liverpool) Picture The first thing to remember on becoming a musician is that you already are one.  It's not a matter of collecting something from outside of yourself; it's a matter of letting go of what might be in the way. You need time and space. Then breath slowly in and out and the music will come. It's been...
  • Why I Became a Tutor Editor's Pick

    Gary Hamilton Saxophone Teacher (Southend on Sea) Picture When I purchased my first saxophone in1982 I was seventeen and had never even held a sax before. I taught myself the basics and had a couple of lessons, which was all I could afford at the time. I couldn't read music at this point and so I played by ear, listening to records and repeating what I...
  • How to deal with practice - my advice Editor's Pick

    Saxophone Teacher (East London) Picture 1. Focus on problems. Don't go back to the beginning if you keep making a mistake in bar 19! You'll get fantastic at the bit you can already play, and take ages to deal with the actual difficulty. Focus in on the few notes that are actually throwing you off, then slowly widen your focus to...


  • A few albums that inspire me Editor's Pick

    Saxophone Teacher (Kingston upon Thames) Picture When learning any instrument it is important to feel inspired and encouraged to improve. A constant source of this for me comes from listening to music whether its at a gig, at home on the stereo or in the car. I always encourage my students to listen to saxophone music as it is an invaluable...
  • Practical advice on playing the saxophone

    Jac Jones Saxophone Teacher (East London) Picture The key aim for music making is to play music with others. Your practice should be geared towards developing a keen sense of rhythm, intonation and awareness as the beauty of the art form depends on communication and collective expression.
  • Why I Became a Teacher

    Saxophone Teacher (South East London) Picture I became a tutor because I like to share my passion and inspiration for music with others. I have a love for the saxophone and can hopefully share some helpful knowledge and advice with those that are currently learning!